Leadership In The Project Called Kids Against Hunger

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Leadership is an art that evolves over time. My experience has allowed me to obtain the key principles that make me a leader. Recently, I became President of Denver South High School Key Club. A self-funded group, that provide student with leadership and public service opportunities. It provides student with a lifetime experience and allows their leadership skills to grow. As the President, I coordinate and organize events that allow members to serve there community. With a very strong team, we are able to accomplish our duties as leaders.
It was late October, as we were adjusting to our new roles; we were given a compelling project called Kids against Hunger. This project required a vast amount of preparation and organization. I began by researching more on the project and learn more information before presenting this project to my officers. Kids Against Hunger provides meal for kids around the world with malnutrition and that are starving. Our goal was to package one quarter of million meals in two days. With my officers, we divide the two days and focus transportation to the facility. Without the support from the school, we found out the bus routes and maps routes that would help us get there. I decide that on each day one officer would be present at school, they would help students without transportation get on buses and make there way to our volunteer facility. With my research, I educate our members more about the project. With the help of my officer, our organization and preparation paid off.
Briefly, I recall that first day of our campaign with Kids Against Hunger. It was early winter. I was the appointed leader to meet student at school on that day. The number of members that showed up astonished me. It was a long journey to the facility. We took the bus and the train. After a long journey, we arrived. We were given a quick orientation. Each meal had rich, vegetables, crushed soy, vitamin and mineral powder components that provide kids with a health meal. We began the process of adding the food in, the entire member involved. We work as a team; it was remarkable how well we were working. After the event, it amazed me by how much we...

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