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In today's more rapidly changing world, leadership prevails everywhere. It is playing a more important role not only in our personal life but also in our professional life, because leadership has a great impact and influence on people. So, utilizing leadership adequately can bring us a piece of attractive picture. To use humanizing actions is a critical leadership skill, which will be discussed in the following paragraphs, to motivate and inspire energy of team members to achieve the set goal. I would like to use Contingency Theory and Integrative Theory and Path Goal Model and Follower-ship to demonstrate that this critical skill has an impact on leadership effectiveness.


Leadership is the ability to inspire confidence, support and trust among the people who need to achieve organizational goals. (Chan & Maubourgne 1992) It invariably requires using power to influence the thoughts and actions of other people in order to create new approaches and imagine new areas to explore. This definition has emphasized on influencing people to achieve set goals. In other words, we can say, the objective of leadership is achieving goals, meanwhile, the application is influencing other people to motivate the energy and stimulate the potential towards the goals.

The contemporary era is the time with constant changes and new demands. In view of this point, we can't put unitary leadership into real work. Accordingly, the term of "contingency leadership theory" (also namely "situational leadership") is given rise to by those situational factors. This theory notes that managers can vary their styles to suit different circumstances.

For instance, a sole proprietorship's leader leads self's business and team-members. (In a sole proprietorship, a firm is featured with a single owner, and this single owner is the leader himself.) However, In a big company that is a firm owned by one or more liability stockholders, usually the leader is one of liability stockholders or delegated by stockholders. Obviously, those two kinds of firm face different force in their day-to-day operation and are involved into various situation. Can we apply same leadership to those firms' operations? The answer is definitely negative. The leader of sole proprietorship implements the traditional methods of leadership, such as rewarding performance, The leadership skills used in big company are broader and more various, such as fostering green hand or inspiring team-member's potential. A famous Chinese idiom that "adjusting measures to current conditions" is reflecting this proposition properly.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, leadership' definition has emphasized on influencing people to achieve set goals. Further in the place, two situational factors have to be taken into account to affect the leadership, one is "people" and another is "demand of goal." The Path Goal Model, as developed by House and Mitchell (1974), illustrates these two...

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