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Leadership Is So Important Essay

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Leadership plays an important role in the organization, because it encourages the organization's goal, vision, communication and ability to build commitment (Bass, 1985). Many people believe that the leadership skill is one of the ways to improve management skills. Therefore, understanding and implementing leadership approaches can assist the organization owner or operator manages their business better and more efficiently. Leadership influences people by providing purpose, direction and motivation while operating to achieve the goals and improving the organization (Bass, 1994). Moreover, the meaning of leadership can be defined someone who can influence others and who has managerial authority (Bass, 1994).In the Glass Restaurant case study, I found there have many issues that affect the business losing money that brings a financial problem to him. Firstly, the owner Neil and the head chef Richard unsatisfied each other. Neil does not trust Richard's ability and work performance. Moreover, the head chef has 27 years experience in the kitchen, however, the food disappointed. Few customers complained a long time they wait for their food and slow service. The owner Neil does not know how to manage business and margin the food, and Richard does not know how many ingredient they are needed. Therefore, the restaurant is facing a serious situation and I will use two leadership approaches that I think can be used in the restaurant in the following essay part.First of all, I think path-goal theory approach can be used to address the restaurant problem, which is useful and encourages both owner and employees to work more efficiently (Burns, 1978). Path-goal theory is one of the most respected leadership styles and one of the contingency theories of leadership. It states that the leader who can assist to their followers to achieve their goals by providing a clear direction for them and relationship between the subordinates' own need and organization's goals (Hersay, et. al. 2008). Therefore, Neil can provide a clear direction and goal to his employee, let them know what he expected. House (1971) identified four leadership behaviours: directive, supportive, participative and achievement-oriented. If a person want to be an effective leader who has to know which, or when leadership style to use it. Directive or helpful leaders tell subordinates what is expected of them and give specific guidance and enforce rules and procedures (House, 1997). The supportive leader likes a friendly environment and gives strong attention to the needs and wellbeing of subordinates or followers. The participative leader involves subordinates in the decision-making process. Finally, the achievement-oriented leader seeks to improve performance, sets high standards, and shows confidence that subordinates will achieve organization goals, which of these styles a leader chooses should depend on the nature of the task and the needs of the subordinates (House & Aditya, 1997). If the...

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