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Leadership: Let Your Individuality Shine Essay

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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader,” (Adams). A leader is a person with the ability to comfort somebody through any task. He or she can make a person trust them whole heartedly. They make people believe in their cause. There are only a few exceptional people that can affect the world on such a massive level that it leaves you in awe, and Nelson Mandela is one of those few exceptional people. He is one of those people that you know in your heart that he is something special. Mandela is a man of unwavering determination, exuding confidence, with the ability to inspire a nation; making him the pinnacle of leadership.
Confidence is a very important factor in our lives; even more so, it’s extremely important for a successful leader. My father once said to me “whatever you say, say it with conviction, and if you do so- people will believe.” throughout the movie Invictus, Nelson Mandela never said a single thing without passion and conviction. This along with the way he carried himself- standing tall, never afraid to look another man in the eye- caused nelson Mandela to radiate confidence. This confidence in himself allowed the people to have confidence in him; therefore, they trusted his decisions. When the Springboks were about to be dissolved- the black south Africans were in full agreement to do so- Mandela stopped it by speaking his beliefs. By speaking with such passion and such conviction they trusted in his decision not to disband the Springboks; therefore, preventing something that may have been detrimental to the unification of South Africa.
Unification was need largely due to the damage left by legal racial separation called Apartheid. Mandela, an Anti-Apartheid leader, was arrested and spent twenty-five years in prison for conspiracy to overthrow the government. While he was imprisoned,...

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