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Leadership Or Manager: Analysis Of Strategies Used By Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler was the leader of NSDAP. NSDAP is also known as the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. NSDAP is created after the German worker party with was made of german nationalists. NSDAP is a group composed of German nationalists and racist culture. Hitler made a book about this culture while in jail which is the one race culture. Today we would call the NSDAP “Nazi”. Hitler basically came in power because of his party. During the first financial crisis in the United States he made his party well known. This financial crisis was the “Great Depression”. Hitler took advantage of the crisis and develop his political power. Hitler became in power and used his ...view middle of the document...

The book mentions that there are three elements in determining if the leader have effective leadership or not. The first element is “Goal Achievement.” The NSDAP had many goal during different point of time. One of them was during the great depression which got the party known. They made a promise to the public of repudiate the Versailles treaty and improve the economy. His party also helped people that lost their job because of the great depression look for job and survive through the hard times. The Versailles treaty that was attacked by hitler was a peace treaty that cause Germany into great debt. He gain support from many levels of the society including politics and industrialist. The second element is “Smooth internal processes.” Followers of NSDAP increase dramatically and many were satisfied because of what they did during the great depression. The third element of external adaptability was proven by the NSDAP changing from a public party to a democratic party.
Every leader faces obstacles including Hitler. Hitler faces obstacles internally and externally. internally he probably faced all kinds of obstacle mention in the book. Theses obstacle includes; organization face considerable uncertainty, rigid and unforgiving, falling back to old ideas, and difficulties to finding better strategies. There are times where they ask themselves are what they doing right because they are anti semitism. Hitler is always strict and dislike mistakes because he puts his military way into practice. After completing and meeting a goal they might ask themselves are they making the right decisions. These are common obstacles members and leader would encounter and Hitler as the leader must overcome these obstacles. When Hitler was young he encounter obstacles and some he overcomes and some he fails. He reached his way into become the leader by eliminating all that opposed him and proved himself as a worthy leader. When he became leader he had to demonstrate his leadership so he made many speeches to the civilians. People that had a misunderstanding of the NSDAP realized what their goal was and that their country was in boiling water. He came to a point where he killed four police man during his revolutionary movement. He was sentence to jail for 5 years but was release after 1 year. When he was in jail he was expressed himself by writing books which makes people still remember him. After he came out from jail and retake the position as leader, he has to regain his reputation.
Is Hitler really a leader or a manager? According to the book, managers and leaders are very similar. Manager focus on present and their own group. Although Hitler fit into this criteria too he is actually more of a leader. He focuses on the present issues to advance to the future. Hitler wants to create changes to the current Germany of his time through politics. He ran for presidency but failed. Although he failed, he let people know about his goal and further bring his party to...

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