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Leadership Personal Stand Essay

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“Leadership Personal Stand”

“When I lay down on my bed when I thought about the God I serve and all I’m going through. As the memories rushed down through my mind, it brought tears down to my pillow; saying to myself I must rise and go and testify – because man was made to serve Jah and together we will live forever.” These insightful extract of Luciano’s serve Jah song lyrics has influenced me to ask myself, what is my purpose? My purpose in life is deeply rooted in my Christian believe and God’s two greatest commandments: Serve the one true God and love other people like thy self. The first commandment clearly defines my belief in spiritual morality and living a dignified life in ...view middle of the document...

I envision my personal and practical definition of leadership as reaching out and making a difference in peoples’ lives. Therefore, there is a huge responsibility to provide professional judgment and help in decision making with the publics’ finances. Research has indicated that health is a number one priority and finances are second; therefore the role of Doctors and CPA’s are vital in our society. However, my role to provide services to the public will be in two dimensions: provide professional services by planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. This will be done in accordance with the principles of being in business by meeting specific objectives and have a competitive advantage in other to succeed as an organization. However, the underlining factor in making a difference in this profession; is making professional judgment with regards to ethical decision making.

I want to reach out to my clients and show them that not only do I care about doing business with them, but I am interested in their personalities. I want to build a relationship with them and help them in their business ventures. I am with the notion that whoever comes to seek professional services from me, must have had a high degree of trust in me. Therefore, I will be compelled to maintain that high degree of confidence in executing my obligations to my clients. I am called to serve and make a difference in peoples’ lives in accordance with my faith and profession as a CPA. I am not naïve of the fact that my personal vision might be challenge in different angles that may include working for an organization or people with different mindsets. One thing I find in common with organizations is either they provide a service or sell a product to the people. Therefore, if the client seizes to exist then there would not be any service to provide. In essence, we share a common platform when it comes to providing services to the people who need our services.
I would like to acknowledge the role my parents played in my upbringing to be a visionary person and have empathy on other people’s plight. My involvement in organizations has also paved the way to share my vision and believe in making a difference to people’s lives. We have an outreach ministries in our church were we volunteer to a lot of activities to people who are less privileged. I have had the opportunity to attend a lot of lectures by our Pastor, motivational speakers and prominent people talking about the importance of reaching out to other people. A more practical example is my involvement with the Accounting Society and Beta Alpha Psi honors society. My membership has an academic dimension that involves helping me with my career to becoming a CPA through mentorship, professional speakers and apprenticeship. The second dimension involves extra-curricular activities that include volunteerism. I had the opportunity to volunteer with the VITA program to prepare individual income tax returns for low...

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