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Leadership Philosophy Essay

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Leadership is contagious throughout the world and most importantly in the Army. It is not just my view, but of all leaders, at all levels, that organizations are responsible for setting conditions that lead to long-term organizational success. As I reflect on my experiences, through experience and observation, I realize how my values, beliefs, and perspectives about leadership continuously evolve over time. Recognizing these changes over time helps me better understand that people in organizations have different perspectives in life. This leadership narrative serve as important guiding principles for how I will lead at the organizational level and represents my thought, values and beliefs.
Leaders should lead by example. What a leader does and how they do it, serves as an example for others to follow. A leader’s behavior and actions are an important and effective way to influence the behavior of the people the lead. Leaders must treat other with dignity and respect. Leaders take responsibility for their actions, maintain their integrity by doing the right things and develop personable and commutative vision for their organizations. Leaders instill a sense of discipline; enforce organizational standards of the organization and do not turn a blind eye or overlook problems.
Setting clear expectations is extremely important for leading organizations to successful outcomes. It is the” measuring stick” we use to measure success and define what is expected. By developing effective plans and clearly communicating them, the organization can see the developing organizational vision. Organizational leaders seek to link the organization’s mission, vision, and values to provide a common focus toward achieving successful outcomes. I continue to learn about setting expectations as I serve in Army organizations and reinforce these ideas while taking a strategic management course.
On occasion, my grandfather would encourage me by saying, “the decisions are more important than results.” The things we do now will have significant impact on the overall outcome of what you are trying to achieve in the future. Leaders can become fixated on the end state and lose perspective about the intent of their organizational mission. They become disengaged from what the organization is doing and can lead the organization to fail. By maintaining an informed perspective about what the organization is doing and how it achieves its expectations clear and in view.
By providing sufficient guidance and direction about what is needed and allowing them to determine the best way to get it done truly is what empowering people is all about. While assigned to a project, a former supervisor would assume that I understood his vision based on our previously time serving in Iraq or provide no feedback and leaving me a vacuous state. It became a point of frustration and finally I requested relief from that assignment. In reflection, I should have confronted the...

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