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Leadership Philosophy: Nurse Essay

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According to, a leader is a person who guides or directs a group, but I believe there is so much more meaning to that. It takes key qualities to be a true leader. A leader should be self-motivated, encouraging, ambitious and determined; they should carry as sense of critical thinking and optimism in all that they do. Most imprtantly, Leaders are strategic thinkers; they are constantly thinking about how their ideas, thoughts and actions can affect the world. People who are leaders are visionary people because they look for the "big picture". Before this class, I would have said that there are plenty of synonyms for a leader thinking that words like manager, director, or ruler would suffice. I have learned now that those words don't even come close to the definition of a leader. A leader does things with purpose and has a passion for what they do and who they serve. A manager or director would just want to get the job done without looking at the beauty of it.
Something that I can truly attest to is that people are not born with these leadership qualities, they must be inspired. Inspiration is a positive influence to the mind or soul of a person that usually comes from the people around them. People can be inspired by teachers, family members, friends and even strangers. My inspiration comes from my family members and my CNA instructor because their urge and passion for education has lead to their success. Deriving from a family of nurses, professors, principals and business women, I have nothing but all the motivation I need to succeed. They want nothing but the best for me and that is why their lives and decisions have such an impact on my life.
In conclusion, being a leader may not be all that it is percieved to be. It comes not only through your words, but your actions. Being a leader is all about being active, not having monarchy.
As reproted by the strength finder, my top five attributes were faith, integrity, communication, self motivation, and optimism. I find that these very words describe exactly the kind of person that I am. Faith and Optimism tie in very well with each other because in most situations, I look for the positive outcomes and hope for the best results. Most people take notice the kind of Optimist that I am almost immediately. Even when negativity seems to come pooring down, I like to look on the bright side of things to keep me motivated.
This brings me to my next quality, Self-Motivation. This is a feature that comes from within, but is insprired by others. An example of Self-Motivation are those late nights I stay awake studying for a test or typing up a paper. Somtimes even when I am discouraged, I have the desire to keep going at all cost. I recognized that my motivation has derived from those who have inspired me; The people who I have seen go through a struggle but eneded out on top. For example, when my mother was in school for early childhood education, it took her a while to pass the state board...

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