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Leadership Philosophy Paper

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Being a leader by definition is to be someone that acts upon him or herself in order to help others succeed and accomplish certain tasks or projects in life; if someone is a leader they have a quality known as leadership. Throughout my life I have had experiences that led me to be the leader I am today. Through my childhood and adolescence my softball coaches inspired me to continue doing what I love to do until I couldn’t possibly anymore; they made me love softball more than I thought I could. My coaches led me to where I am today along with my parents who are also huge inspirations in my life; they taught me to do what I desired while not worrying about what people thought. Through their teachings I have become the person I am today, a person who leads others in the right direction or supports their decisions as others have always supported mine. Up to this point in my life I have been a leader rather than a follower. To be an effective leader a person has to have leadership qualities, strong values or beliefs, and a set goal to work towards in life.

Everybody, even leaders, have strengths and weaknesses. Those that lead are expected to be perfect and lack flaws but the reality is nobody’s perfect. For example, Five strengths that I contain are risk taking, integrity, teamwork, self-motivation, and innovation while my top weakness is problem solving. This array of qualities helps to explain why I have the skills and talents I have. I adapt well with change, I can be creative and am willing to try new things if something is not working out or if there is a possibly more productive way to do something. I work well with others, after all I was part of a softball team for fourteen years and it helps boosts your self-esteem when growing up in such a supportive environment. My teammates may have some strengths that I don’t have, for example problem solving, but if we worked together we always got the job done.

With strengths and weaknesses come personal values and beliefs. Everybody has different values and beliefs that explain who they are as a person. A few of my values include family, friends, school, my non-existent job, and traveling. I believe leaders should be responsible and willing to help people in any situation, and most importantly they should wish to inspire someone to become a leader themselves. Traveling is not seen as a value to many however I value it because we only have one chance to live and I appreciate that I have been blessed enough to travel the world.. I believe traveling can also benefit in leader too; if I have the opportunity to travel somewhere to inspire someone to do something I will do it in a heart beat. My values and beliefs are different from many people, because if we all had the same values and beliefs the world would be a boring place; there should be different types of leaders to inspire different people.

Being a leader is a lot of work and everybody looks up to you for everything. It is especially...

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