Leadership Program Opportunities At General Electrics.

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Go to www.gecareers.com and review the entry-level leadership and experienced leadership programs. Overall, what type of development activities are included in these programs? Choose one program and describe it (development activities, length, participants). Compare the development activities used in the entry-level and experienced leadership programs. How are they similar? How are they different? Why might they differ?General Electrics has designed leadership programs that provide their employees' with a self-directed career path that initiates their personal and professional growth within the company. The programs courses offer a variety of leadership activities that reinforces the learning value while sharpening the skills of the potential leaders within the company. General Electrics (GE) has given their employees the opportunity to utilize these leadership development programs in initiating the growth of their career and to cultivate business diversity and cross-functional flexibility. These programs are offered up to the 'high potential' employees who are deserving of progressing through the various stages of the leadership development process on both a novice and advanced level. Either level of the program will contain specialized leadership activities that sustain the six sigma methodologies and incorporates a 360-Degree feedback approach to a multi-faceted learning environment that incorporates classroom learning with multi-business rotational assignments.General Electric provides entry-level information technology professionals with a leadership development program for their high performance employees that seek to sharpen their technical aptitude, build their business acumen, while developing leadership abilities. GE seeks the associates with high academic achievement that have demonstrated both leadership and interpersonal skills with a relevant amount of field experience to participate in this program. The participants of the Information Management Leadership Program (IMLP) are required to have had some type of significant role in leadership or elected office and are expected, at minimum, to have a bachelor's degree in computer science or information systems engineering. The IMLP is a 24-month program that is divided into 4 distinctive 6-month rotational assignments that provides the employee with valuable exposure and experience to multiple facets of proficiency within the functioning of the business.Potential employees at General Electrics are opportune to participate in these intensive, business specific development courses, as they progress through the various phases of leadership to evolve from an emerging leader to further extend to an advanced-level executive of leader. Both the entry-level and the experienced-level of leadership development programs have mutual core objectives; they are similarly designed for uniquely energized and high performing employees who possess the leadership potential for future positions within the...

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