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Running Head: LEADERSHIP PROPOSALLEADERSHIP PROPOSAL 2My Organization's Leadership ProposalMBA 600: Leadership and Management Business OrganizationJune 17, 2013My Organizations Leadership ProposalI work for an organization that provides a wide variety of financial services to its customers including check cashing, money orders, and cash advances. In addition, you may also obtain and load an Amscot Prepaid MasterCard, pay your bills, wire money, send a fax, make copies, buy stamps, and use safe, accessible ATM's for often times less than many banks or other establishments may charge you. Amscot is open early in the morning to late at night and is here for you 365 days a year with many 24-hour locations to serve you. Today, Amscot employs over 2,000 associates and serves over 2.5 million customers.Amscot is embarking on a new opportunity to expand the company's financials to improve sales and profitability in the financial service industry. In order to do so, Amscot faces several challenges and opportunities which include culture, groups and teams, leadership style, and structure. Amscot upper Leadership has a vision to turn the company into the mainstream financial service center throughout the whole state of Florida by providing exceptional customer service, longer hours of operations as a convenience to customers and in turn, improve sales and profitability. However, when the CEO addresses the areas the company needed to change to realize his vision he was faced with resistance, increasing employee turnover, declining customer satisfaction and, plateaued sales dollars. Amscot faces a multitude of challenges and opportunities in order to address change, entropy, and introduce viability and viability leadership styles into the undefined company structure. The elements that are relevant to Amscot's growth process are how casual relations will impact culture, leadership, structure, change, and groups and teams.There are three cultures of management which include: operators (workers who make and deliver products and services and fulfills the organization's basic mission), engineers (core designers in any functional group), and executive (entrepreneurs and decision makers) cultures and these three are intertwined and collectively need to work towards a common goal (1996, pp. 229-241). Unfortunately, Amscot's operators versus executive cultural values are misaligned therefore; entropy is increasing throughout the company and particularly in the sales department. Culture is broken down into two components; variables (strategy, systems, and structure) and metaphor (culture and organization are synonymous and recreated by social interaction). Amscot's cultural variables comprise of misaligned strategy, undefined systems, and an undefined structure.Leaders need to focus on "doing the right things" (people oriented), unlike a manager who focus on "doing things right" (task oriented) (Cangemi, Kowalski & Khan, 1998, p.13). Amscot's CEO is a task oriented...

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2803 words - 11 pages events in culturally heterogeneous workgroups. Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal, 13(4), 345-360. Capowski, G. (1994). Anatomy of a Leader: Where are the Leader of Tomorrow. Management Review, 83(3), 10-18. Conger, J., & Kanungo, R. (1998). Charismatic Leadership in Organizations. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Green, D. R. (1999). Leadership as a Function of Power. Proposal Management. Kotter, J. (1990). A Force for Change: How

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