Leadership Qualities: What It Really Takes

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“Active members of this profession, in whatever arena, show that they have the commitment and the enthusiasm to lead libraries of the future” (Gordon, 2004, p. 52). “If you want to develop as a leader, participating in a committee is a good starting place” (Kern, p. 7). “A lot of leadership development happens through active participation on committees...” (p. 6). “We learn through our experiences. Being on a committee or chairing a committee only gets you so far as a leader” (p. 7). “Observation and reflection are one way to improve your own leadership skills” (p. 6). “Demonstrating love and respect for the cause is also an essential component of leadership. It conveys a sense of personal ...view middle of the document...

“The reality is that every leader is in the middle and lacks the ability to fully control the library” (Farrell, p. 263). Sometimes, its being in the right place at the right time or doing the right things that qualifies you to become a leader. “Leadership does not need to be formally articulated in a job description” (p. 263). “When we are passionate about something, we tend to step into leadership roles, even if we did not intend to do so” (Kern, p. 6). “Leadership requires consistent commitment and doesn’t’ necessarily need to be complicated” (Campbell, p. 52).
“Leadership development at all levels of our libraries will enhance our work. As we look
to the future of librarianship and the potential of our libraries in developing and enriching
our communities, we need more than the leaders at the top of our organizations to carry
forth our mission. (p. 264)
Now that you have a slight understanding of what it means to be in leadership, you should have learned that it takes an effective leader with multiple qualities to lead a great team to victory. The victory is not how much money or assets the organization wins but how much of an impact you have on those who seek services from your organization and leave there with a fulfill or purpose. There is no one way or right way to lead. There is no one theory practice that a leader must follow in order to see success. Leadership is earned by those who go the extra mile and exceed above and beyond what is required of them without being prompted. Strive to improve your own skills to become a stronger leader in whatever aspect or position you find yourself in any given type of library. “Be a visionary, set goal, look for new ideas” (Misakian, p. 16). A leader seeks out strengths of their employees without blocking growth and they maintain confidence in their skills. They allow those who follow them to think out of the box yet they can redesign a process when those major decisions need to be implemented. As a leader, you should be seeking replacements for your position. In this, you should be looking for the next great leader; a protégé. Most great leaders are mentors and take it not for granted that they have those who value their judgment and vision. No leader wants to be...

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