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Leadership/Change Topic: Definition and Terms

Leaders vs. Managers-Is there a distinction and why is it important? The main difference between

Leadership and Management is the focus. Managers are the operators of the company and are

involved in order and handling complexity to create a predictable order of operations and business

for the company. This focus on complexity by the organizational manager has led to the birth of

large organizations and corporations in the twentieth century (Kotter, 2001). A Leader is focused

on change and adaptation and the people whom are part of the team for which he or she is involved.

A Leader involves having a vision, being self-motivated, self-regulated, self-aware and having

relationship skills (Goleman, 2004). A manager on contrary, is focused on process management,

solving problems, being able to carry out a vision, staffing and organization, budgeting and

directing (Kotter, 2012).

Why a Business Should Care About This Topic

Technology and globalization is evolving faster than we might hope for, so what does this

necessarily mean for business? The ability to adapt and build relationships is much more critical

than it was in previous decades for successful operations due to international competition,

technological advance and globalization (Kotter, 2012). In order to achieve continued growth in

tomorrow’s industry a combination of leadership and management is essential.

Personal Reaction to Topic

The idea that managers and leaders are two distinct concepts or entities I found interesting.

Beforehand I coined the two ideas together as I felt that each were necessary and to be a leader

you often managed and to be a manager you should be able to lead. This initial ideology I had on

the idea is partially true and is actually how todays industry should function to succeed in the

current realm of rapid industrial change and technological advance as well as globalization and

international competition. Like previously noted, the difference between the two ideas is on the

focus. Managers deal with handling complexity; whereas, leaders are more adapt at adjusting to

change and working with people. Business is an essential part of the economy and sometimes

companies feel every single aspect of a business needs management without an appropriate

increase in leadership which can lead to chaos and destruction for an organization. These two

distinct ideas should be practiced concurrently to effectively get a task done. Now that

globalization has become almost necessary and international competitors have become something

to consider, the social skills and empathy that a good leader brings to a management role can mean

the difference between earning a new business partnership or losing one. The ability to read body

language in a business pitch and be self-regulated and motivated can earn a...

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