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Leadership Selection For A Major Consumer Technology Company

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The progress of a company is determined by the leadership approach adopted by the leaders. Therefore, the selection process of a prominent leadership position needs careful consideration of the leadership traits and style of potential candidate. This work explores different leadership concepts and issues that need to be considered as part of the selection process. This work starts by identifying the meaning of a leader. This includes identification and clarification of the leadership traits that are required for an effective leader. The second part considers the leadership styles and the skills required in a major consumer technology corporation. The third part identifies the importance of a leader following and communicating the vision of the corporation to employees and setting a tone of his leadership approach. The next section considers the necessity for a leader to have good out-group member skills, ability to handle conflicts, and ability to overcome obstacles. The last section justifies the need for ethical leadership traits when looking to fill in this CEO position. This research culminates by highlighting key points emergent from the research.
Being a Leader and Leadership Trait for Effective Leadership
The concept of leadership is one that has drawn mixed reaction especially on the definition of what being a leader really means. According to Northouse (2012), to be able to understand what it means to be a leader, it is important to understand the meaning of leadership.
Schuh, Zhang, and Tian (2013) define a leader as a person who leads, inspires, and guides another person of a group of followers. Grants (2012) define a leader as a person of influence in a group of people especially when the group is focused on achieving a certain goal. Martin, Keating, Resick, Szabo, Kwan, and Peng (2013) define a leader as a person who possesses leadership skills and knowledge and uses these skills and knowledge to guide a group of followers. Northouse sums up this definition noting that leadership is a combination of traits, abilities, skills, behavior, relationships, and processes adopted by a person in leadership position as the group pursues a given goal.
An effective leader portrays a number of leadership traits. Grant (2012) connotes that a leader is influenced by his or her traits, which include belief system, ethics, values, and character. Grant goes ahead to term an effective leader as one that is always aware of what is happening around them. This means that the leader knows the flow of things within their jurisdiction. The leader knows that he is required to address different issues within the organization at all times. It is as if the leader is being pulled in all direction yet the leader is able to rise to the occasion and ensure smooth flow of things within the organization.
An effective leader has to be calm (Mutalib & Abdul Ghani, 2013). Leaders who bully their juniors or are arrogant tend to be ineffective in their...

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