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Leadership is a term that generates a variety of definitions from people. The definition of leadership is defined as much from what a person has experienced with previous leaders just as much as what they have been taught about leadership. There is a common school of thought that leadership and management are synonymous. I personally do not participant in that sentiment. I believe that leadership is not the same as management, because you can lead without having any management or positional power. The author John C. Maxwell defined a test of leadership from management this way, “To test whether a person could lead rather than manage is to ask him to create positive change.”
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Helping to solve a problem or satisfy a need, not just making a sale. I received great satisfaction from clients entering our clothing store with a need for a new set of clothes and leaving, not with just a new set of clothes, but a garment that was custom fit to them.
I also applied this leadership trait of helping othes/building relationships into my role as the instructional designer and head instructor for the Disneyland Nextel radio project. Over 20,000+ cast members had to be trained on the Nextel radio operation. I worked with the Disneyland project manager and each line of business managers to tailor the training material and the delivery of instruction to reflect their business terminology and operation. Because of this approach I have built great relationships with members of the Disney projects and still communicate with them today.
Building relationships was a key component to my success in the role as senior training specialist in the Executive Briefing Center. Enterprise sales reps would schedule briefings to be given to C level guests of companies Sprint Nextel wanted to partner with. It was my responsibility to build a relationship with the sales reps to understand the products and services that would wow the client and impress them to work with Sprint Nextel. My consultative role helped the client achieve their goals by partnering with the specialized services that Sprint Nextel offers.
The second leadership trait is Discipline or Consistency. This skill came in quite handy with the Disneyland project. Disney University raised a concern that having Sprint Nextel conduct the training for cast members would not be done to the level and consistency of the Disneyland standard. After conducting the training for the Disney University cast members, they did not have the same doubts or concerns about the level of training skills offered by the Sprint Training team. I delivered the training the same way every time. Not in a mindless robot-like delivery of material, I would use the same examples, activities, and delivery, whether you attended the 6am class or the 9pm class.
As with the Disneyland project the need to demonstrate consistency in the Executive Briefing Center was very important. It was very common for C-Level executives to return to the center several times to either introduce new members of their organization or to conduct a deeper discussion into a solution that we had demonstrated before. The presentation and information needed to be the same and presented just like before. Consistency needed to be handled in both the level of detail of...

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