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Leadership Style Essay

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A1. Leadership Styles

My leadership style would be a Transformational Leadership. I believe in the philosophy that we are everything in this universe is connected and we inter-dependent beings/non-livings. We are interdependent as individuals, but we need each other or to depend on each other to survive or strive/to be successful in this world together. We are so unique as individual, but we have different or special skills and other uniqueness about each other us. It does not matter whether we talk about human beings or other non-livings. I believe that the universe is within and with us. We have the equal as human beings regardless of our different ethnicities, languages, cultures, ...view middle of the document...

2. To look beyond their self- interest which mean that we have to look at the “big picture”. We do not lose our focus on the ultimate goals that we need to accomplish together. For example, if we do not produce quality products and services to compete in the job market, we would have to close down our department. When it happen, all or most of our team member may be laid off as well. We cannot just focus on own self-fulfillment, but we can focus and care about the wellbeing of the whole group and the company itself.
3. If there is a need to have a change to accomplish our goals, I must make sure that my team members understand that change need to happen; otherwise, we will not able to accomplish our goals. We must be ready to make changes emotionally and intellectually. I explain and show my teams that any or changes in our department may not come easy, but without these changes our department would lost the competitiveness in the job market. For example, I would to that I know that most our team members do not want to do anything outside of their comfort zones, but we without trying some news to our products or services, we cannot compete or sell our products or services. If we do not try something new or different we will get the same results. We cannot expect a new result if we do the same things. We know that we will use to change later. When we get use to it, it will be normal or our usual habits. We must accept that a change always can lead to positive or negative outcomes. Our team members can express their opinions, ideas, feelings and others freely as individual as well as in group settings. We would do our best to support them to make sure that any changes would go smoothly together. We must work together to reach to our positive or wanted outcomes/results.
4. Making sure that my team members (leads, supervisors, managers and directors) who are charge of our departments understand and carry out our products/services in urgent matters/deadlines. They must be having a sense of urgency in everything that we do. When they do so, we can get things done early and we can grow our businesses as well as our staff members of all levels would be happy and successful together. If they do not see the urgency, we would lose our department.
5. Making sure that I and everyone in the company are committed to greatness. We use our special skills, talents and creativities to reach our potential and greatness. I encourage and motivate them to be creative and come up with any innovations for the benefits of each individual and teams. For example, I would reward the individual and team members for coming with new ideas that make us to be # 1 company financially and other rewards.
6. Making sure all of my team members adopt a long range and broad perspective on our goals, products and services rather than narrow perspective. We must be flexible enough in our strategies and systems, so we can adapt to any changes as we see fit depend...

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