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Leadership style is the manner in which a leader provides directions, implement plans, and motivate people or a team to achieve a goal (Newlink, 1997). After reading the course work study and taking a leadership style quiz on the web. (About.com, 2014). It is my conclusion that my leadership style is participative. In Participative leadership style, members of the group are allowed to identify goals and develop strategies to reach the goal. As a participative leader, I do not shove my ideals into my member’s throats or impose my decision on everyone. Though the final decision rested with me, each member of the group is still giving an opportunity to express their view and knowledge of the task at hand. Each member’s suggestion is taken into account and the final decision is made based on the suggestions. Therefore, I serve as a facilitator, not a dictator.
A1a. Strength:
Major Key strengths of participative leadership style are job satisfaction and productivity. When employees are given the opportunity to be involved in the decision-making process in an organization; it increases their morale and gives them the sense of inclusion. The employees will likely develop a sense of commitment to the organization, as well as increase their job performances resulting in overall organizational productivity. When employees notice their employers are involving them in the company’s decision making process, their job satisfaction level will be increased benefiting the company in the end.
Another valuable strength of participative leadership style is better decision making. As the old saying goes,” two heads are better than one” when it comes to decision making. This is the reason why the board of directors is more than one person. It is impossible for a manager to know and understands everything. Therefore; it is vital leaders consider the team’s suggestion before concluding on a decision, especially decisions that will directly affect people in the organization. Doing this, will result in an effective and accurate decision.
A1b. Weakness:
A major weakness of participative leadership style is time management. The decision making process in this form of leadership style usually takes more time. When a group of people comes together to decide on issues, every member of the group wants to have a say or get their opinion heard which will slow up the process. Another weakness of participative leadership style is information sharing. There might be sensitive information needed to reach an effective and accurate decision the manager might not be inclined to share with the employees or every member of the group. In participative style theories, managers are required to provide all necessary information, regardless of its sensitivity. This action could lead to sensitive information leakage which could cause a major problem for the manager and the organization as a whole.
A2. Comparison of Leadership Style:
Autocratic leadership style is different from a...

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