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Leadership Style Analysis

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It has often been said that leadership is like beauty; that just like beauty, it lies in the eyes of the beholder. Therefore, the definitive aspect of a leader and leadership is construed from the perception of a multitude of individuals, which makes its meaning very diverse. The contemporary understanding of leadership describes it as a pertinent type of social interaction between groups, whereby the leader is able to influence other people, and often enhances excellence. In as much as leadership in inherently complex in its definition, it does have shared meaning which is dependent on a particular organization or individual. In most circumstances, the term leadership has ...view middle of the document...

This means that he has exemplified different sets of styles based on the philosophy of handwork pays. Some of his leadership styles include but are not limited to; transformational, creative, intelligence and servant-hood leadership. He is able to transform, at multiple levels, both human and organizational capabilities by aligning them with a unified purpose. Additionally, his creative leadership style is perhaps very effective in bringing change within people and the organization in general by uniquely inspiring them through intelligence, charisma, and the ability to serve them. In essence, Garry Kelly’s leadership style focuses more on people by leveraging on multicultural differences so as to drive innovation, loyalty, and great service.
How Kelly’s Leadership aligns with the Culture of Southwest Airlines
In order to effectively understand how his leadership style aligns with that of the organization in general, it is imperative that we first comprehend the culture of Southwest Airlines. The mission displayed on the organizations website broadly outlines its culture; “dedication to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warmth and friendliness.” (Southwest Airlines, 2014). This is affirmed by the organizations understanding that its employees are its single greatest strength and long-term competitive advantage. According to Makovsky (2013), the culture of Southwest can be summed up into three dominant values; a warrior spirit, servant’s heart, and a fun-loving attitude. All these combine to give the customer the best experience when flying Southwest. But how does the CEO’s own leadership style fit into this culture? Does his personal leadership style accentuate the culture of Southwest?
The answer to the latter question is absolutely yes for the following reasons, which as it would occur, inform how Kelly’s leadership style is aligned to the culture of his organization. First and foremost, Southwest is employee focused, as opposed to the traditional aspect of customer-focus. This means that they understand that in order for the customers to receive high quality service, the employees must be motivated. Kelly provides this by complimenting his transformational attitude into effecting motivation across every section of the organization, and from a multicultural perspective. Secondly, the idea of a culture of servant-hood is complimented by Kelly’s own emphatic leadership style which as stated by Karlgaard (2009) displays empathy to the concerns of employees. This accentuates the capacity of employees to display a spirit of servant-hood when dealing with customers. Additionally, through intelligent, creative and innovative leadership styles, Kelly has been able to assist the organization implement its purpose of connecting people to important things in their lives through dependable, friendly and low-cost service.
Garry Kelly’s Personal Values
There are perhaps numerous characteristics of the CEO that would in most...

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