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Leadership Style Of Hillary Clinton Essay

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Many Americans are beginning to wonder who will run as the democratic candidate in the next president of the United States. Since the 2008 election, one particular name has been the topic of conversation around most media outlets and households across the county. With over one million supporters who believe in her abilities to lead, Hillary Clinton possesses the qualities that meet the leadership criteria that would help her to become the leader of the free world.
I choose to research Hillary Clinton because I admire the drive and passion she puts into her work. She is a unique global leader whose activism has promoted social change around the world. Warren Bennis, author of On Becoming a Leader author says that, “…true leaders are not born, but made, and they are usually self-made (Bennis, p. 35, 2009).” Hillary is a prominent example of a self-made leader. She invented herself as a public figure through her dedication to human rights and equality. Over the last three decades she has gained the respect and admiration of people around the world. She has spent a career working towards improving people's lives.
Warren Bennis’s leadership theories from On Becoming a Leader serve as a guide to understanding the qualities sand strategies that great leaders often exemplify. Classic leaders like Hillary Clinton have vision, passion, and integrity. These three things are the basic ingredients that Bennis proposes that most great leaders have in common. These are all aspects of leadership that allow people to better understand themselves and the world around them. In Hillary’s case, it is because of her determination to take the lead on different social issues around the world as a prominent figurehead that has allow me to take a closer look into how she uses these basic leadership ingredients in her own practices. This paper will analyze Hilary’s leadership style using the best leadership practices of Warren Bennis from On Becoming a Leader.
The first ingredient Bennis proposes that leaders must have is a guiding vision. Having a vision means understanding what the leader wants to accomplish both professionally and personally. In the book, Bennis suggests that what happens on a global basis applies on a personal level for leaders, as well. Therefore, for leaders like Hillary, it’s imperative to have a vision that will help her to make sense of the world and what needs to happen to make a change. Her vision of social reforms on many of her projects such as health care and human rights is what makes a lasting impact and promotes positive change around the world. Bennis compares his own leadership abilities to the importance of vision. He says, “When I've been most effective, I've followed that inner voice (Bennis, 99).” Bennis trusts that following the inner voice is what allows leaders to make their visions into a reality. Similar to Bennis, Hillary Clinton is also a leader who relies on her vision to guide her. Hillary was quoted saying, "It's about...

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