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Leadership Styles As Applied To Jlb Enterprises

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JLB Enterprises finds itself in a situation that will likely get worse if they don’t address it. Research by Murlis and Schubert for Hay Group (2001) concludes that organizations with less satisfied employees are much less productive. This dissatisfaction can lead to a loss in production and can negatively impact the long-term stability of the company. A company that has dissatisfied employees can have a hard time attracting and retaining good workers.
It isn’t known for sure whether the drop in satisfaction and morale are the cause for the drop in productivity at JLB. There is a correlation in timing and, as mentioned, some research points to job satisfaction levels adversely impacting production. The possibility exists that there are other problems that are causing both the drop in morale and the drop in productivity. Some studies have suggested that job satisfaction may not in fact cause organizational commitment, but rather, organizational commitment may precede job satisfaction (Santora, 1992). However, for the purposes of this paper, we will address the problem of job satisfaction and employee morale at JLB regardless of whether it is the sole cause of the productivity problem or just a symptom of another problem.
Now that JLB has identified the problem with worker satisfaction and morale, it must find the causes of this problem. Identifying the problems and creating solutions will require the use of strategies from various leadership theories, including Participative and Situational. With appropriate leadership techniques used in appropriate contexts, the company can work on improving employee satisfaction and morale. According to the research by Murlis and Schubert (2001), the increase in morale will likely have a positive impact on productivity and efficiency.
Applicable Components of Different Leadership Theories
Participative Leadership Components
The leadership at JLB will need to find the underlying causes of the morale problem. One good way to find this out would be to go directly to the source and ask the employees. This could be done in many different ways, such as one on one conversations, anonymous surveys, or group conversations. Gathering and utilizing the input of the employees is a component of the Participative Leadership theory.
By allowing the employees to give input on why the problem exists and how it can be improved, leadership can empower and motivate the workers.
According to Coutts (n.d.): It is assumed that employees are more committed to actions where they have been involved in the relevant decision-making and that they are less competitive and more collaborative when working on joint goals. That is, when people make decisions together, the social commitment to one another is greater and thus increases their commitment to the decision. (Coutts, n.d., Para 4)
By directly involving and communicating with the employees, management also has an avenue for promoting a culture change. This opportunity...

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