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Leadership Support: Good And Bad Leaders

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If one of your parents forgets to give you your allowance one time, are you going to try to kick them out of the house? Most likely not, because nobody is perfect. However, some people believe that if a political leader has done something wrong, that it is okay to get rid of them at all costs.
There are, as always, two sides to this argument. One side says that it is okay to get rid of them, and the other side says it is not okay. One man that I would've agreed to get rid of was Osama Bin Laden, leader of a terrorist group called "Al-Qaeda". This is because he has been the cause of many problems between Afghanistan and the United States. One of the acts is known by the whole world, ...view middle of the document...

John Kennedy was killed shortly after he was claimed president and for what reason you may ask. The answer is no reason, JFK was only trying to do something for the good of his country. John Kennedy faced the Soviet Union when they were trying to install missiles in Cuba and stopped them. The Soviet Union and the United States were so close to war when the Soviets backed down after US battleships told Russian ships that were carrying missiles to turn around and go back. Kennedy helped promotes the Civil Rights movement and was and excellent public speaker. He had a few innovative ideas for progress that were later put to use by Lyndon Johnson, 36th US president and succeeded to the presidency after the assassination of JFK. Kennedy did not always act in his best interest politically, but what was in the best interest of his country. He strived for the space program that put the man on the moon. Another man who didn't deserve to die was Martin Luther King JR. who was just standing up for what he thought was right and was murdered in cold blood for it. He led African Americans in acts of civil disobedience through non-violent protests. His actions helped further the Civil...

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