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Leadership & Team Building In The Project Environment

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Team building benefits the team as a whole. When people who rarely work together are forced to communicate, they can discover that they enjoy the interaction and continue to network and bond with different people back at the office. For many, working in team is difficult, for others is easier than working alone, not many people are able to respond to the commitment involved in working in a team environment. And there are usually time imbalances that are generated within work teams. Those who previously may not have been getting along will have to forget their differences in order to overcome an obstacle and their dislike is diminished as they work together for a common goal.

Teamwork in the business environment

By nature man is a gregarious creature, meaning that we are permanently looking for groups that we can be a part of motivated by different reasons like family, religion, social and academic preferences, etc. All members of a group seek to achieve a purpose when they meet, it might be the success of the team, a competition to excel managers for their results, etc. (LaFasto, 2001) For these reasons team building might be perceived as a selective process, because when a team is formed is usually the best possible individuals who are called to be a part of the project.

The importance of teambuilding is based on:
The roles of the participants: It refers to the knowledge, experience, expertise and skills of the team members in regards to the added value that each member will contribute, which allows the achievement of expected results by the whole team.
Communication: it is a key factor that allows feedback between all team members, therefore enables the team to have an appropriate organizational climate because it facilitates the expression of agreement or disagreement between participating team members.
Leadership : it allows motivation and encouragement and therefore it enable members to be clear about the goals that are to be achieved. The leaders are those that display the target and transmit it to the entire group, establishing the required performance to achieve goals.
Compensation: each member must perceive that receives (not only in financial terms) the recognition he or she deserves, often the success may decrease if the team does not feel that is receiving the right rewards, like bonuses or allowing them to strengthen their commitment to the team .
Commitment: once team members establish links with other members who are identified with the team vision a sense of belonging is generated and it creates engagement, a feature that represents much more cohesion between team members.
It is important to consider that having clear and shared goals is the greatest incentive for the team not only to work well together, but being effective and focused. Promoting teamwork involves developing motivational strategies that involve the participation of all members, where each member understand that their...

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