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PURPOSE The Background Paper that follows is meant to allow a basic understanding of the Topic Assigned for the Management in Practice as well as to critique and provide an honest evaluation of the approach used so far. It is would also allow for the incorporation of various suggestions to improve the focus and scope of the Topic assigned by the company.FORMAT The format followed for the accomplishment of the above given purpose is listed below is "“ Management in Practice (MIP) Project Details Introduction to and Relevance of the Topic(s) assigned Approach Employed Results obtained from Approach employed Suggestions and Inputs from Industry Guide Issues to resolve and suggestions solicited for the same Conclusion MANAGEMENT IN PRACTICE (MIP) PROJECT DETAILS Company: Wipro Infotech Ltd.Area of MIP Project: Human Resource Development Industry Guide: Ms Madhvi Kohli, Senior HR Executive, Wipro Infotech.Faculty Guide: Prof. D. Nagabrahmam Topic(s): 1. Superior-Subordinate Relationships in Organizations "“ Issues for Consideration.2. Leadership Models "“ Suggestions for Wipro Infotech.INTRODUCTION TO AND RELEVANCE OF THE TOPIC (S) ASSIGNED In a competitive scenario like the one that the dynamic global economy is slowly throwing open before us, it is very often the quality of the fourth factor of production "“ Organization "“ that differentiates the winners form the also-rans. This is true of each and every industry/business that hopes to compete in an open market. It is only fitting then that due recognition be given to the difference, that the abilities of a Good leader can make to an Organization's functioning, growth and ultimate future.Keeping Wipro Infotech in mind, it is easy to see why the above mentioned topics are important to them. The reasons may be explicitly stated as "“ Rapid Increase in Company Growth "“ Size and SBU's Trend towards Project / Team based functioning Trend towards Organization structure simplification "“ Flattening Increasing autonomy of Project Teams Trend towards fostering early Responsibility-sharing as well as Delegation of Decision-making and accountability.It is keeping this scenario in mind that Wipro Infotech assigned the following Topics for the purpose of my MIP project "“ Superior-Subordinate Relationships in Organizations "“ Issues for Consideration.Leadership Models "“ Suggestions for Wipro Infotech.It is important here to note and understand that Wipro was / is concerned with the following questions, for the satisfaction of which this project was assigned "“ What are the important issues that arise in Superior"“Subordinate relationships at various levels of the Organizational Hierarchy? How does Wipro fare in terms of the handling of these issues? How do these issues affect Leadership Potential Development within the Organization? What is the process "“ implicit and explicit for Leadership Potential Development in Wipro? What are the...

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813 words - 4 pages ://www.irmbrjournal.com/papers/1371451049.pdf>. 11. Pennsylvania State University World Campus (PSUWC), 2013, Leadership in Work Settings. Lesson 10: Transformational Leadership, PSUWC, reviewed 6 Aug 2017, < https://courses.worldcampus.psu.edu/sp13/psych485/002/content%20/10_lesson/04_page.html.>. 12. Savage-Austin, A. & Honeycutt, A., 2011. Servant Leadership: A Phenomenological Study Of Practices, Experiences, Organizational Effectiveness, And Barriers. Journal of Business & Economics Research, 9(1), pp.49–54.

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1049 words - 5 pages turbulent times. Healthcare Financial Management, 62(12), 42-46. Northouse, P.G. (2013). Leadership: Theory and practice. (6th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. (2013). Comments to further notice of proposed rulemaking on structure and practices of the Video Relay Service (VRS) program. Retrieved from http://rid.org/userfiles/File/pdfs/Government_Affairs_Program/RID%20Comments-VRS%20Reform081913


1199 words - 5 pages Career Guide). The Quill, (2), 26. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. Green, J., Chirichello, M., Mallory, B., Melton, T., & Lindahl, R. (2011). Assessing leadership dispositions: Issues, challenges, and promising practices. International Journal of Educational Leadership Preparation, 6(4), Retrieved from EBSCOhost. Singh, P. (2013). A collegial approach in understanding leadership as a social skill. International Business & Economics

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