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Leadership "The Term For Combined Responsibilities".

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LEADERSHIP"The term for combined responsibilities."By: Chris David LazarczykLeadership is a complex blend of five key responsibilities. The leader must be able to direct, motivate, manage, evaluate, and mentor people. This combination of duties, ethics, and tasks are required for the successful leadership of any project or organization that involves people. These duties, ethics, and tasks are also helpful when managing personal issues. Leadership may be viewed in various ways. The most important piece of leadership is of course, followers. A leader must be able to direct the followers, motivate the followers, manage the operation, evaluate the relationship between the followers and the project or organization, and mentor the followers for the overall benefit of the project and/or the organization.Providing direction to followers is a delicate task. Direction involves organizing a sense of pride from the followers to better benefit the project or organization. Some leaders may use different focus points of pride rather than others. The most visible focus of pride is the organizational logo. Much like the flag of a country, followers feel a sense of purpose and pride when wearing the logo of the organization in which they work. Having this sense of pride for an organization creates better work habits from employees and more inexpensive advertising from employees wearing the logos to social gatherings other than the workplace. Other focal points of pride are products and services. If an organization does something or makes something better than the competition, employees will continue to do better work for the overall advancement of the organization. To be proud of the organization, to be proud to be a part of the organization, and to be proud of leading the organization are essential if success in anything is desired.Along with pride is motivation. In some cases, pride will create motivated people. In most cases however, motivation may not come easily. There are times when employees may become fatigued or depressed from personal issues or even from working too hard. It is the responsibility and ethical duty of the leader to approach this person and discuss what is going on. Today everyone separates business from personal life. This is not good. Personal lives affect productivity in business and they should be addressed. The leader sharing his/her vision about the organization's future motivates followers. Sharing the glory with everyone and not just the leader himself/herself. The followers will want to achieve the goal with both motivating pride, and a commitment to excellence for the...

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