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One would think that a fitness facility would not be in need for conflict management. After all this is a place to unwind, release, breath and let go of conflict, stress etc.
There are a plethora of formats that provide opportunities to deal with stress; Yoga classes, Pilates, Mediation, Aqua Fitness, and Cardio Kick box to name a few.
However, conversely a fitness facility can be the cause of much conflict among the company, staff members, exciting members, upper management and the public.
Many of the managers have dual roles and acting as a public relation professional is one of them.
The role of a public relation professional is to manage conflict. It has already been acknowledged that Public Relation is so much more than sells and marketing. Strategically Managing conflict is yet another vital role in which public relation professional play. (Cameron and Wilcox, 2012)
Moreover, Public relation professionals have a responsibility to cultivate organizations in such a way that communication stratergies effective. Moreover, they are responsible for ensuring communication strategies influence the trajectory and implications of conflict, to the benefit of the organization, when possible (Cameron & Wilcox, 2012)
The gym has enacted strategic conflict management in efforts to influence the trajectory of posed conflict.
On the matrix of contingency factors, the external factors germane to my organization are personality characteristic of internal, involved persons and relationship characteristics. (Cameron and Wilcox 2012)
Furthermore, reputation management and Image Restoration are vital to the organization. A few examples of some conflicts that have arisen in recent years at the fitness, which warranted public relation, conflict management:
1. Two suicides.
2. Locker break ins and Stolen cars while members working out.
3. Unauthorized after work hour parties sponsors by security guards and staff members.
4. Accusations of Personal trainers seducing and sexually harassing clients
5. Child endangerment- children released from kid’s club to unauthorized parties.
6. A child unattended to walked out of the “kid’s club day care” and wandered out to the parking lot.
7. Accusations of racism and socio-economic prejudices when selling members.
8. Negative climate , culture, and Failed efforts to identify appropriate staff and placement
The purpose of this assignment I will address the latter...

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