Why Employees Are Discontented With Your Organization

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Blog 1: Why employees are discontented with your organization
The fact that employees and companies are moving in different directions reflects how leaders and managers have dishonored contracts of employment. The neglect that employers have on employees’ in-service qualifications and entitlements is ridiculous. Informed by robust technology, discontented employees will step-out at the slightest opportunity. These realities in the workplace are only unrecognized by weak stewardship. It is an opportune time for employers to honor the work contract. This is if they are counting on retaining best brains in their work place.
Blog 2: Senior Executive Traits Desired by Many Companies
There is a wise saying in a business world that, ‘Competence is a factor for entry into good office, but inspiration to others is the success measure.’ Executive leaders should note that the super trait sought for by the Board of Directors and organizations, in senior executives, is the ability to lead and motivate others. This is according to a market survey of 1200 business leaders globally by IIC Partners, a leading worldwide executive search. This trait enables the leaders to coalesce organization practices into a single command. The action draws teamwork in service rendering. This is an important product that fuels maximization of service output by employees. An executive also needs to inspire employees by recruiting from within. The strategy inspires employees to work hard with optimism that their services would be recognized. For executives, although entry point is merited, work sustainability is pegged on the ability to inspire others.
Blog 3: How to Build Trust for New Leaders
A new leader has to act ingenuously to integrate well with his or her new environment. One of the most valuable tools in new business acquaintances is trust. This is so when a leader is inheriting a new cell of management. Whether a department, a branch or an entire company. A steward has to win stakeholders’ trust in an entity. The superb way to build trust is through meeting an organization’s employees. A shrewd, new leader has to gather information from hired members through face to face interactions. This bottom-up approach of gathering data is the best strategy of collecting information. Unlike top-down leadership strategy which involves giving and directing the information. The outcomes of these have proved to be ineffective. Therefore, the top priority of new leaders should be building trust through dialogue with key employees.
Blog 4: Resilience is an Integral Part of Sustainable Leadership
Resilience acts as the ability to recover from setbacks of leadership. Although hard, the success factor in today’s business environment is resilience. This factor involves harboring courage to face realities that are sometimes painful. A leader has to embrace optimism that a new solution is forthcoming, despite its seeming elusiveness in the short run. It also involves tenacity to forge...

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