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Leadership Within Justice Ministries Essay

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I have to deal with an organization here in our little town by the name of Justice Ministries. This organization claims to offer ongoing support to individuals. “Justice Ministries is a ministry in Pagosa Springs Colorado connecting those who have the heart to help with those who have the need” (justice ministries, 2010) what I have found in working closely with this organization is that there are too many leaders that may or may not have different agendas. There are several different projects that they offer throughout the community that include a home for single mothers with children by the name of Leah’s House. This is where my negative encounter occurred with the case manager, the house parents, and my client.
When my client decided to go into the program, I thought that it may be good for her to receive the much needed support that she needed. What I quickly figured out was that I was no longer dealing with my client but many individuals with control issues. The rules for entering Leah’s House are very strict and you need to abide by their “Christian” ways. I found that my obligation to help this person was challenged daily because of course I am an outsider and not a part of their community. I had to deal with several different people regarding my client and actually came to a point where I could no longer even deal with my client on a one on one basis, but had to have a member of their organization either present or a go through person. By all means they made life exceptionally difficult for me to perform my job duties and my client to get things done that were required of her in order to reunite her with her only child.
I am not sure that any of the founding fathers of this organization had any concept of leadership. I think that there first thoughts in conceptualizing this organization was playing it forward but forgot that they needed a leader who had a concept of leadership and not just very deep pockets. Their first mistake was not following leadership framework. They need to understand that in order to be a professional you need to demonstrate good character traits which would include knowing the four factors of leadership; follower, leader, communication, situation. You would need to know yourself and recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Know human nature; which would include knowing human needs, emotions, and how people respond to stress. They would need to know their jobs so that they are proficient in their current positions, instead of trying to do all positions as one. Last but not least knowing their organization and figuring out what exactly their mission statement is. (Clark, 2010)
“Leadership and human behavior work hand and hand”. To be a successful leader, you must understand your people and the people that you are collaborating with to resolve problems. If you are working against others or demanding certain practices of others, you are not going to get...

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