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When you have over fifty women in one room, disagreements will inevitably take place. Within the last few months I have found myself in the middle of a few disagreements between sisters. As heart wrenching as this can be, I decided to instead of getting involved, make a difference. Given that I am trained as a Resident Assistant I have dealt with numerous mediations amongst friends and roommates. With this training in mind I proposed to my chapter President that we conduct group mediation during an upcoming sisterhood. The current issues circling the chapter have reached an all time high in creating an uncomfortable environment. In order to remedy this, our president and I have chosen to establish an open forum that will facilitate progressive conversation about the problems facing our chapter.
The chapter president has bestowed her faith in me to organize the entire sisterhood myself alongside another Resident Assistant (RA) in the chapter. The date is set for February 15th, 2014. To start out, I will have the girls playing “Cross the Line,” an interesting way to showcase similarities amongst sisters to break the ice. From there I plan to have the girls discuss their feelings in an environment that let's them do so. In order for this to not reach an ugly end, I will be instructing the girls to use “I” statements, these allow for ownership of feelings and will hopefully eliminate unnecessary accusations. Before the sisterhood is conducted I have the daunting task to get all sides of the argument to willing attend the sisterhood.
After speaking with my Big, another member stuck in the middle, we decided to express how important the sisterhood is for the future of our chapter to each party involved. Even though feelings have been hurt, I have discussed with those involved how essential it is to face these feelings and learn how to forgive. From each sister that I have expressed my own feelings of hurt to, I have gained the knowledge that facing the problem, instead of running from it, is always the best solution. Since I have come to this realization I have seen small improvements amongst the sisters I have spoken with. I believe that my excitement and willingness to let go has instilled the same reaction in all seventy-four of my sisters.

Community Service:
Throughout high school I consistently volunteered for Second Chance feline rescue where I was responsible for cleaning out cages and nursing the small kittens. I also participated and raised money for our local Relay for Life and the Buddy Walk. Relay for Life is an event that raises money for cancer research; I helped collect money for this cause. The Buddy Walk is a similar event and raises money for Children with Down Syndrome, I participated as a walker and donated money to the cause. During weeknights I would volunteer as a bookkeeper for the local churches youth basketball teams. A bookkeeper records the points scored by individual players, the amount of fouls a player, etc.

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