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Leading Characters In Romeo & Juliet: The Movie

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Hello, I am the director of Romeo & Juliet: The movie. I know you have been waiting for the leading actor choice a long time. In this article i will give clearance who the actors are and why i chose them. Most of the actors I chose shared the same character traits and were perfect for the role. As you already know R&J: The movie is the film version of the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. I hope you will enjoy reading this article and get some clearance about the choice of actors.


Romeo Montague: Romeo is played by Superman, because they share the same personality.
Romeo is brave, when he sees Juliet lying in the coffin he takes his life, he kills himself for only ...view middle of the document...

This advice helps Romeo a lot ,because when he falls in love with Juliet he does not think about Rosaline anymore. He is a kind person, when he encounters Tybalt at the gas station he wants peace and does not want to fight. I think I have the same personality as Benvolio, because i always try to help other people with their problems. I am not a mean person and try to be friends with everyone. I think i can play the role of Benvolio, because i am a little bit like him.


Juliet Capulet: Juliet is played by Alison Brie. Juliet is rebellious towards her family, she knows that Romeo is the son of the enemy. She falls in love with him and marries him even that she knows it is forbidden. She is very emotional, she falls in love with Romeo without knowing himno personal. She marries him after knowing him only for a short time, she is so in love with Romeo, she wants to kill The Friar and herself, because he is out of town. Alison Brie in Community, is a student on a community college, she was a very smart student on high school, but of drug use she lost her scholarship. Her parents do not pay her schoo and she has to live in a bad apartment above a condom store. She is rebellious, because she does not want to listen and life with her parents. She lives in poor condition with a low wage job. She is so in love with a guy in her study group who is ten year older than her, she is getting rejected over and over and hurt. She is so in love with him she still goes back to him again and again. I think Alison Brie is perfect for the role of Juliet, because she is familiar playing a young girl who is rebellious and emotional.

Tybalt Capulet: Tybalt is played by Pepe. Tybalt is man full of hate, aggressive and violent, He loves to solve problems with violence. When he encounters Benvolio at the gas station, Benvolio wants peace. He rejects it, because he hates Montagues as hell and he begins shooting. He start fighting with Romeo because he was at the party and married with Juliet. When Romeo begs him not to fight, he gets more aggressive and violent. Pepe is a football player known for his aggressive and violence on the soccer pitch. He does not mind to kick someone nasty and hurt him. He fights a lot with other players, get red cards and is send most of the time of the pitch. Pepe’s personality is very similar with the personality of Tybalt. That is the reason why i chose Pepe to play Tybalt

Lord Capulet: Lord Capulet is played by Will Ferrell. Lord Capulet is in the beginning a kind dad who loves his daughter. He says to Paris his daughter is too young and only have to marry when she is in love. But during the play he is changing into a tyrant. He forces Juliet to marry Paris. And when Juliet denies the marriage he hits her,
his wife Lady capulet and the Nurse. I chose Will Ferrell to play his role, not because he shares a lot of character traits with Lord Capulet. He can give Lord Capulet more personality. He can also make the story...

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