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Diversity is the key to growth in today’s aggressively competitive global marketplace. Leaders can no longer hide behind their lack of cultural intelligence, but embrace diversity. To enjoy its benefits. Cultural diversity refers to the varieties of human cultures and the cultural difference that exist in the organization, society or the world as a whole (Amadeo, K., 2014). The characteristics of diversity include race, language, ethnicity, religion, value system, education, nationality, social structure, beliefs, sex, and physical appearances. Cultural diversity is increasingly growing in the United State workforce. A report shows a projection of decline in white working age from 83 ...view middle of the document...

For instance, almost every hospital has Spanish and some other language interpreted, any hospital that does not have a Spanish will find hard to compete in the health market.
Establishing a cultural diversity shows an organization recognizes and celebrates the differences in cultural background that exist in the world. The recognition will enable an organization to attract and retain talented employees and other stakeholders; will positively impact the profitability and productivity of the company. A report from Diversity Inc. shows many companies who embrace cultural diversity are reporting an extra 24 percent increase in profit and the number increases yearly (DiversityInc., 2013). When an organization invests in diversity, it provides the company a larger pool of talented workers, which gives the business a competitive edge its respective industry. Having a heterogeneous group in workplace enable an organization to possess people with innovative and creative ideas to solve various problems. As diverse minds come together with ideas learned from their various ethnic groups, many more great solutions will arise for better business operations, solving problems and decision making. Diversity in the workplace reduces employee turnover cost, absenteeism rate, and decreases liability in discrimination lawsuits.
The Traits for Leading Diverse Team
Leaders are faced with the challenges of managing a diverse team, ranging from languages, attitudes, mode of dressing, behaviors to common sexual treatment between a male and female. To manage a multicultural group, leaders must incorporate some traits and behavior to lessen these challenges. A leader should be culturally sensitive to the people he or she is leading; a leader should be attentive and be conscious of the environment to pick clues to decrease misunderstanding. For instance, in some culture, women are not allowed in meetings or to share opinions. A leader must be sensitive to such behavior and not regard it as being a nonchalant attitude. A leader should be flexible while leading a diverse group, he or she should ask questions and receive clarification to avoid being perceived as a rude manager. Cultural sensitivity can be attained through training, awareness, and investigation of what makes another different.
Cultural intelligence is another important trait a leader should have to lead a cultural diverse team. It is the ability of a leader to relate and lead efficiently across the culture. Leaders must follow four components of cultural intelligence to be a successful multicultural leader. A leader must show interest and confidence which can be attained by learning the uniqueness in another culture, must have the drive to learn and be able to pick factual clues. A leader should have the knowledge about how people’s culture influences their thinking and behavior. For instance, in some cultures, men does not like to authority from women. Having the knowledge will allow a leader to deal with...

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