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Douglas McGregor, born in 1906, is considered to be “one of the most popular management writer of all time”( Economist, 2008, para. 3). His best known composition focused on a simple question: “What are your assumptions (implicit as well as explicit) about the most effective way to manage people?” which has resonated throughout management schools around the world. In his composition, The Human Side of Enterprise, McGregor revolutionized Theory X and Theory Y, which was greatly influenced by working along transient laborers at his grandfather’s business in Detroit, MI. Theory X management style, considered “soft” and always prone to failure, speculates people are lazy and irresponsible by ...view middle of the document...

Maslow determined “one must satisfy lower level, basic needs before progressing on to meet higher level growth needs” (McLeod, 2014, para 6). Upon accomplishing each need, they will move on, reaching the highest level, self-actualization. According to Maslow, however, this accomplishment is quite rare as failure derails this progress thus we are continuously remain thriving on the lower level need. Therefore, “organizations gain by making full use of their human resources” which they too can gain “by capitalizing on opportunities to meet their higher-order needs on the job” (Bateman & Snell, 2012, p. 482).
Frederick Wilson Taylor, Father of Scientific Management and American mechanical engineer, developed the theory of scientific, thereby, suggesting “production efficiency in a shop or factory could be greatly enhanced by close observation of the individual worker and elimination of waste time and motion in his operation” (Mee, n.d., para. 4). When this style of management was conducted to the extreme, this brought about a great deal of dislike and hostility within the labor environment. On the other hand, when performed correctly, it shown great “value in rationalizing production”, overall greatly impacting mass-production techniques (Mee, n.d., para. 4).
Electronics company Hewlett-Packard (HP) founders Bill Hewett and Dave Packard are no exception when it comes to business management contributions. After signing a partnership agreement, they pursued to become a successful due. The energetic duo developed a strategic management style called the Management by wandering around (or, about). By implementing this practice, “senior level managers interact with employees by visiting the shop floor and offices of the general staff work”. This in turn affects employees’ behavior, motivating them by granting them a sense of care from upper management, and the not feeling isolated. (Capstone, 2013, p. 292).
W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne are two of most influential thinkers and management gurus in our time who have shared their best management idea through their famous work, Blue Ocean Strategy, published in 2004. Professors of strategy and management, Kim and Muaborgne’s novel divides the market space into two oceans: red and blue. The concept of the Blue Ocean Strategy, the red ocean signifies a...

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