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Leading Quietly Essay

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Leading Quietly

Leading quietly is the ability to influence individuals or groups
toward the achievement of goals. Quiet Leadership, as a process,
shapes the goals of a group or organization, motivates behavior toward
the achievement of those goals, and helps define group or
organizational culture behind the scenes. It is primarily a process of

Quiet leaders carrier a sixth sense and one who can envision the
changing processes in the sense that, while influence is always
present, the persons exercising that influence may change. Possession
of influence depends upon the situation and upon the relevancy of the
individual's skills and abilities to the situation. For example, if a
particular individual has the expertise that is required to solve a
problem, then that individual may be assumed to have some degree of
influence over others. Quiet leaders are realist. They try hard to see
the world as it is quiet leaders almost possess a sixth sense
(Badaracco, p 11)

I have so many ideas of what qualities a quiet leader should have that
I often feel overwhelmed and cannot imagine how achieve these skills.
There are many ingredients of effective leadership styles. I have read
several books and articles on leadership and management. I have also
participated in a few leadership training/education modules offered
through my employers. There are many theories on what makes an
effective or quiet leader. In the book, leading quietly, quiet leaders
see the world as a kaleidoscope rather than a fixed target or a
well-mapped terrain. Quiet leaders value trust, but they don’t forget
how fragile it can be (Badaracco, 12). In my research, I discovered
that there are many leadership styles and most are effective if used
in the right situations. The directing leadership style would be
needed for new hires, or less competent employees that show commitment
and a desire to be productive. The employees at this development level
would require very clear directions, and a lot of supervision. The
atmosphere must be controlled and structured until these employees
develop some competence. In today’s work force, many managers lead by
the use of email. Instructions and guide lines are provided by
connecting to online databases (Maccoby, 39).

The coaching style would be useful for existing employees who have
lost their sense of commitment. These types of employees may still be
inexperienced or may have been incorrectly supervised leading to their
loss of commitment. Coaching style will also be useful on employees
who need praise to build their self-esteem. This coaching style
provides some direction with plenty of support. Support is important
in building confidences and praise is needed to boost self-esteem. If
the employee’s confidence and self esteem is increased their
commitment to the company and their ability to complete job duties
will increase. This will ultimately improve the employee’s
productivity and...

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