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Leading The Way? Essay

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Leading the way?
Enormous case of corruption. Kremlin property Chief, Pavel Borodin signed contracts with foreign firms worth billions, all the money was transferred through Swiss banks. In 1998 the Swiss authorities noticed some irregularities with the transactions and opened up a formal inquiry through Carla Del Ponte (Swiss Federal Prosecutor) lead by her counterpart, Yuri Skuratov (Russian Prosecutor General). He soon suspected a huge money laundering operation, Hidden behind the Kremlin’s Golden doors. Pavel and his team profited from their close connection to the President, Vladimir Putin, to inflate the cost of their work, this allowed them to create contracts for several times the ...view middle of the document...

All of the candidates purposed by the family were rejected by parliament, in the end, Yeltsin had to finally accept Yevgeny Primakov as prime minister who seemed to please the majority of Russia at the time. Primakov then turned his attention to the family and demanded an official report on the true state of corruption in regards to economic crime that had been taking place by both the family and the Kremlin. Within weeks the report was finished and indicated that a large sums of money had disappeared abroad. Primakov then began to prosecute the family over the Mabetex affair. When they searched the headquarters they discovered transactions with names that belong to Yeltsin’s daughters and a bank card in the name of the President. The Kremlin then hit back hard and began to blackmail the prosecutor general with various video tapes of suspected sexual acts made by the head of the prosecutor general, however, to no avail. Skuratov did not give into the black mail and continued his inquiry with help of his Swiss colleagues. After several weeks of ongoing inquiries, the tape was shown to the members of parliament in another attempt to throw off Skuratov, again, to no avail, as they were not convinced. The next step for the Kremlin was to leak the video to the public. Skuratov then decided to take Boris’s daughter into to question and even go so far as to arrest Boris himself, in a retaliation to this, the family played their best card and got Vladimir Putin to go onto the public news and state that it was in fact the Russian Prosecutor General, Skuratov in the infamous sex tape. Putin taking a lead on this really pleased Yeltsin and finally got Putin recognized by the family as “a big player” in Russian parliament. After Putin’s intervention in the affair another inquiry was opened up and Skuratov was sacked, meaning that the entire inquiry on the Mabetex affair was put to a complete halt and suspended. The Kremlin then prepared the current prime minister of Russia, Primakov’s downfall in order to make room for Putin, however when Primakov was eventually sacked, Sergei Stepashin took his place. Primakov then created a new political party called “The Fatherland”. Primakov publically denounced the corruption involving the Kremlin and the family, and demanded to see their accounts once more, picking up where Skuratov left off. The family began to panic due to the fact that they had to find a successor to Yeltsin, knowing that they were short of candidates that they could trust. It was then that the family remembered Vladimir Putin, who was already head of the FSB, and had previously proved on the Mabetex affair that he could be relied on and was trustworthy.
The question being, where did Putin come from? After the collapse of the Soviet Union in December 1991, this former KGB coronel, went into politics and became an apparatchik in the shadow of the mayor of Saint Petersburg, Anatoly Sobchak. Sobchak took him on as his deputy and made him in charge of...

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