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Leading With Vision Essay

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Leading With Vision
All companies must have a vision, without one, it is difficult to create goals. As a leader in any company, it is important that we know the mission, vision and goals of the company in order to model this for our teams. Good oragnizations convey a strong vision of where they will be in the future. (MODYUKE) Creating appropriate goals to drive the vision is vital for the success of any company. Goal setting is an improtant role in sharing the vision and goals with the team. Gaining their buy in and commitment will ultimately help create effective teams. As leaders, it is also important that we follow up with our teams and give coaching and training when ...view middle of the document...

Quality feedback is just as improtant because poor feedback can seriously impede performance, leading to resentment, anxiety, and stress (Grant, 2006). Without it, they will keep performing tasks wrong, or stop taking steps that make their performance great (modual3). The last characteric is team members who participate in the goal setting process are more likely to set higher goals for themselves. In addition, they believe the goals are attainable, which is a strong motivator for many people, leading to better results.
Successful teams must be given all the tools they need to succeed. One of these tools is proper trainng and coaching. We must follow up with our team and provide coaching and training along the way to keep them focused as well as motivated. Alhtough training and oaching are very similar, we must remember that inital thorough training needs to be rendered before coaching will be effective. It is important that we train, coach, and lead with enthusiasm and passion. In order to model the way for our teams, we must be passionate about our vision and show enthusiasm towards our goal. A trickle down effect will occurs when leaders are excited about a project or goal. (mod4.) On the contrary, if leaders present strategies lacking passion or drive, then team will usually follow.
HR Strategy Consultant Suma Subramanian, talks about goal setting in her article Goal Setting for Leaders (2014). Subramanian says stearring a team towards goals requires mental and behavior discipline. In...

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