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DATE: 24/03/2010

1. I am not surprised by Ellen’s statement that her main role is to train the leaders of tomorrow. Career growth can be one of the most motivating tools that managers have. Someone will be much more motivated if they know that their hard work will pay off in the future. It is also a lot more efficient and cheaper to appoint leaders from within the company. By working their way they will know all the aspects of what the company is doing and once you have worked at a certain position it is much easier to manage that person because you would know all the ins and outs.
In my opinion the mission statement that is employed by DuPont is very generic and can be applied to other companies. It seems that almost every company thrives to be a sustainable provider of goods and services. And as I have learned from other presentations it seems like it is the only way for any company to do business in this day and age.
I do not think that DuPont’s products are entirely centred around the consumer. A part of their strategy is to invent new materials that people would find helpful in their daily lives, such as, the Teflon coating. Before it was invented nobody even thought about such material so it was suggested to customers to use it for non stick kitchenware. So I believe that the company produces things first and then sees where in consumer life it can fit.
DuPont is a company with a very diversified portfolio of products. The company started as an explosives manufacturer but has expanded into five main areas – agriculture and nutrition, coating and colour technologies, electronic and communication technologies, performance materials and safety and protection. Ellen describes the company as a chemical company. In my opinion the company has diversified its portfolio so it would be able to reach a wider audience to sell its products. In fact, she even says that everybody is a potential customer for them except the financial and insurance industries.
2. I completely agree with Ellen’s notion that simply listening to customers is not good enough by itself. She says that companies should create a relationship with mutual respect for each other. In this relationship the companies should provide the tools needed for customers to achieve their goals. If firms start to just listen to what their customers are saying and stop at that they are going to love its entire customer base very quickly. That is why I believe that quick and right action is needed when a company has listened to its customers complaints or suggestions to successfully continue to operate.
Ellen talks about challenges that they had to face when it comes to...


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