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Leading The Body Of Christ Essay

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Why? Why is the Body of Christ in the state that she is in? It is due to the seeds that she has sowed. As I read thought he Book “The Unstoppable Force: Daring to be the Church God had in mind” by Erwin MacManus I am forced to look at the current state of the church and ask myself this very question I pose to you. Is the Church as a whole in the state that God so desires it to be in? Are we being the body that He wants us to be? Are we doing what the Church is designed and called to do? Are we thinking like the Lord commissioned us to think? These are questions that that were stirring in me as I read this book.

It is so dangerous to learn all we can without application of what we learn. The Apostle James taught us not to be hearers only but doers as well. Mark 16 and Matthew 28 gives us Jesus’ declaration of what we call the great commission. The great commission is doing the work that He set before us. We must analyze ourselves and ask ourselves; are we doing what we know to do? If not, why? My mentor Curry Blake once said “If your knowledge greatly out ways your actions your backslidden”.

The question now is how does “The Unstoppable Force” translate into application. The teachings derived should convict us to align our behaviors with our knowledge. Is it feasible to apply what we learn in this book into action? In the next few pages I will give a very brief overview of a few of the principles that I believe must be transferred from the knowledge realm into the application realm and tips on how to move from thinking into doing.

As we start to look at the process of momentum and change, I must encourage you to stop living in the past and start thinking of your future. Your future will be limited by your inability to contend for more. Living complacently is how we got ourselves into this mess; living purposefully is how we get out. The biblical Christians are normal people with an extra normal God. The disciples are not heroes but normal people like you and I. Living with a vision will require us to take our focus off of the “stuff” and put it on people. Jesus focused on people never building and programs. Buildings and programs are simply a means to an end. We are engaged in a battle. A spiritual battle that requires us to fight. Go where the people are. The people may be in the inner city or the suburbs. The great commission commands us to “go” to the utter most parts of the world. Due to our multi cultural society, it is a greater task to overlook our petty differences and focus on the task at hand. The task is the command of the gospel. Expressing our indebtedness through the preaching the gospel.

In creating a church with momentum there must be a shift in education. When I say education I mean our spiritual food. Our churches have turned into a gluttonous buffet where all we do eat, eat and eat. Growth in the spiritual realm is similar to growth in the natural realm. As babies...

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