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Prospects And Perils In The 21st Century Ai (Artificial Intelligence)

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Prospects and Perils in the 21st Century
AI (Artificial Intelligence)
It has only been a small amount of time since computers were invented, they were originally simple and were only capable to do simple task. Now they have become complex devices that are capable of doing tasks that only humans were able to do and they can already do it at a more efficient rate and with better accuracy. Today, we see that computers have become extremely helpful and useful in our lives, to the point that some people even might seem addicted to them. In the past few years computers have been developing at an unbelievable rate and have begun to replace humans in the workplace.
Technological advancements have improved the computer in many ways, such as having an increased storing capacity, performing multiple tasks at the same time and in a less amount of time of time as well. Anyone who can notice the progression and development cannot help but ask will we advance technology to the point where is becomes self-aware and if this does happen will it assume that we have become obsolete and attempt to overthrow us from the top of the food chain. Keeping this in mind, people are still devoting a large amount of time and effort into AI (artificial intelligence). Even with such concerns AI has caught the attention of many people because of its countless applications. The evolution of AI not only promises efficiently solving "numerous technical problems" , but is will also allow us to understand the "cognitive processes, particularly, the human mind"1. In this paper convince you that the pros of Artificial Intelligence outweigh the cons
Now you might be wondering why I would choose this topic from the many other possibilities, the answer is quite simple if we can truly create an AI, we can reach new lengths. With the creation of a true AI we can begin to explore space without the worry of time, we as humans cannot spend long times in space do to the lack of food and water but with robots with AI we can ignore those need send robots to the areas of space that might be inaccessible to us at this point in time. “They are machines and hence have the ability to endure the hostile environment of the interplanetary space. They can be made to adapt in such a way that planetary atmospheres do not affect their physical state and functioning.” By removing the basic human needs, such as food, water and oxygen, we as a society will be able reach the areas of space we were not able to even dream about reaching.
Not only can AI assist us when it comes to space exploration it can also assist us in discovering areas of our own earth. A large majority of our earth is made of water with depths that are inaccessible to most people, both private and public. With the help robots with AI we will be able to reach the depths of the sea, much like space, that we only imagined about. They can be used for mining and digging for fuels, the “intelligence of machines can be harnessed for exploring...

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