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A League of Their OwnHistory Through Film Analysis PaperAnna TannerUnited States History Since 1865 Dr. Kara SmithDecember 1, 2013Throughout history women have stepped up to whatever challenge was place before them. In the movie "A League of Their Own", women stepped up to the home plate of the baseball diamond in an effort to save the game of baseball, while the male players were overseas fighting in World War II. Most viewers have more than likely never noticed or appreciated the history in this movie. However, over the course of a history class and after doing lots of research for an assignment, one can now watch the movie from a totally different perspective.In 1992 director Penny Marshall released the movie "A League of Their Own". This film is about the first season of professional women's baseball. "The main characters are Dottie played by Geena Davis, Kit played by Lori Petty, and Jimmy Dugan played by Tom Hanks. Dottie is the leader of the group and the best player in the league. Kit, Dottie's little sister, is somewhat of an over achiever who is always trying to be like her big sister, but at the same time she is tired of being in Dottie's shadow. Jimmy Dugan is the team's washed up, has been ballplayer, alcoholic coach." The movie is set in 1943 and tells the story complete with hardships and victories of the women who served their country by playing baseball. For these women the opportunity to play baseball made them choose between their traditional roles of milking dairy cows, keeping house, waiting at home to hear from her solider, and the new freedoms waiting for them outside the home front. [1: Marshall, Penny, "A League of Their Own," DVD.]During the 1800's, most women were dominated by men. Women were looked down upon and treated as less of a citizen than men. They were expected to stay home and tend to their families. They were not allowed to make any financial decisions, they could not own property, and they could not even vote. "American women were kept out of most jobs, denied political rights, and given only limited access to education beyond the elementary grades. When a woman married, her husband became the legal representative of the marriage and gained complete control of her property. If a marriage ended in divorce, the husband was awarded custody of the children. Any unmarried woman was made the ward of a male relative".[2: James W. Davidson, U.S.: A Narrative History, (McGraw Hill Companies, Inc, 2012).238.]Very few women worked outside the home and, just like in today's time, "housewives" were looked down upon by the working women. In many cases they were treated like slaves by their husbands and families. Gerda Lerner states in, "The Female Experience An AmericanDocumentary", "The housewife does not cook eight or nine hours like the camp cook, nor wash and iron a state number of hours like the laundry worker, nor make beds for certain hours like the maid in the hotel or rooming house, nor teach and nurse and feed...

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League Of Their Own Essay

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