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Diction:"XAs a result of what the passage emphasizes, the reader learns that endurance through strife results in victory."XCD 1- "contentious storm": brooding inwardly, infesting; storm on outside and inside; ironic bc content is in contentious; disease, infection, spreading wo knowing"XCD2 - "invades us to the skin": literally about Kent, Fool, and Edgar; figuratively like 2 sides of Lear. Skin= completely lost control, comes from inside to outside- like volcano"XLear has a good reason for query, for the king is aware that respite from the storm will allow his ravaging emotions to be more acutely felt. "But where the greater malady is fixed," cries Lear, "[t]he lesser is scarce felt." The notion that a more acute pain, once alleviated, will give way to suffering from lesser pains was a familiar one to Shakespeare and his audiences."XMore evidence of Lear's internal struggle surfaces. His remarks begin to wander back and forth. He promises vengeance for his daughters' "filial ingratitude," yet he also pledges to "weep no more.""XTopic sentences- mention stylistic device of diction, reiterate tone synonym"XAt least 2 embedded quotes for CDs; 2CDs and at least 3 sen. of commentary for each CD- no quotes in commentary"XConcluding sentences greater truth of tone of diction analogous to other work of literature or something that happens in every day life"XEmbedded quotesMeaning for Passage:"XIn Shakespeare's time, numerous events, historical considerations, relationships, and cultural trends influenced his writing of King Lear. Shakespeare realized that his players were the king's men, and for this reason they would have to perform the play for King James I and his court. Therefore, Shakespeare imbued the play with certain aspects that he believed would appeal to James. For example, James' speeches were often about the dangers of a divided kingdom because of his wish to unite Scotland and England, causing a main aspect of King Lear to be the horrors of Lear dividing his kingdom. The honor and wisdom owed to the elderly versus the rash ambition of the young was also a known topic in this period of English history. Lear's unworthy and evil daughters, Goneril and Reagan now had what they desired, leaving them no...

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