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Learn By Sight Essay

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People are born with different learning ability; in addition, not everyone can easily study if he or she does not have proper methods of learning. According to the ways how people learn more efficiently, they can be divided into three styles, which are auditory, visual, and tactile learner. When people realize and understand which learning style is fit for them, they can employ explicit study techniques to increase learning efficiency. After taking the survey “What’s Your Learning Style?” I got the result showing that I am a visual learner. Based on the previous experience which I have learned knowledge by vision, I am deeply sure that keeping my eyes on the blackboard in class, using ...view middle of the document...

Normally, as visual learners learn new knowledge which mainly is written by words, they will forget this information in a short time. Thus, making flashcards is a wise method which can promote them to repeat the memorizing of new concepts and words so that they can become familiar to the new knowledge. What’s more, the small flashcards are so convenient and portable that they can memorize anywhere and anytime. As an international student, English is my second language which means I must learn English except for my major studying. It was difficult for me to remember lots of new words until I was aware of using flashcards. Usually, I will bring several flashcards in my pocket in case I can write down the new words on them when I encounter some. That helps me greatly accumulating my vocabulary. Thus, I have recognized that increasing the times of new words or concepts in my mind by using flashcards can improve my memory about them.
In order to adequately prepare for an exam, I will draw a map or an outline for review the contents what are going to be tested. As a visual learner, one can be easy to get bored when he or she read many concepts at a...

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