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Learn From Gossip Girl Don't Dimiss

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Learn From Gossip Girl- Don’t Dismiss
Five characters. Promiscuity. Drugs. Sex. Reckless decisions and choices. Six Seasons.
This is what viewers perceive the show Gossip Girl as, but underneath this layer lies a message that people can identify with.
Gossip Girl brings to life the world that Cecily Von Ziegesar created - the world of glitz and glamour becomes a newfound reality. The countless lavish parties, Debutante Balls, endless rumors and teenage romances escape the pages of the books that we hate to admit we love. This heightens the show’s ability to capture a young teenage girl’s fantasies creating the world that she would never want to leave yet she should as she notices a darkness prevails. The show ultimately focuses on five characters: Nate Archibald, Serena Van der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, Chuck Bass and Dan Humphrey as they mature from teenagers to adults. As the five embark on this journey as they face many obstacles much of them dealing with rumors. These challenges test their moral values; their family values and tests the strength of relationships they share with another. Most viewers dismiss the purpose as it is heavily masked by its ability to entertain its viewers. However, Gossip Girl manages to teach us about the unintended consequences of rumors, presents us with stereotypes that we can identify with in our society and moral values that we should consider. Though this underlying purpose may not present itself immediately it is present throughout the journey this characters undergo in the six seasons.
Characters are essential to a story line because they essentially speak to people and convey a certain message- that’s the beauty of them. Gossip Girl presents us with a range of stereotypical American teenagers that we can identify with. Whether you are young or old, male or female you will find similarities between you and the characters. The decisions they make in a certain situation may be similar to one that you may make.
Hatred. When viewers see Chuck Bass, they feel hatred toward him and label him as all sorts of things such as: ruthless, staid and a bastard. Chuck represents something that most people do not even consider – a narcissist. At this point most people may associate the word arrogant with the word narcissist but Chuck is far to complex of a character to label as arrogant without knowing his story.
Growing up, Chuck was taught that commitment was a man’s weakness and love doesn’t matter. Chuck’s mother died during child birth so he was forced to live under the reign of his father Bart Bass who constantly makes it seem as if Chuck was responsible for his mother’s death. Bart Bass busies himself with his multi million-dollar industry- The Bass Industries and neglects his son. Because Chuck cannot receive approval from his own father, he feeds into his self- destruction. He drowns his sorrows in bottles of whiskey and embraces his sexuality to distract himself from the real situation at hand.
Chuck manages...

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