Learn From The Past Is Very Important

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The process of learning has always been about making mistake and not repeating it again. It is simple for us to make normal daily life mistakes for our own. But, what about if a person is making a mistake of global sized matter? No one can bear the cost of making such mistakes. But there are also several sides in one history, and some histories are forgotten for some reason. So, to what extent does this quote is true.Our skill to learn from past has been essential for our development as a human being. As a child we could learn things first hand, for example we know that fire is hot because we have touched it, so we won’t repeat it again. But, there are several things that we can’t learn first-hand, for example like being a president or a king.Although we have studied a lot about our past and culture, we don’t really learn much from it. There have been hundreds of wars through this millennia alone. And the lengths of the war are getting longer. For example, the American civil war only lasted for 4 years (1861-1865) while the second Congo war has lasted for 9 years (1998-2007) and the death toll is much higher too (Congo war 3 800 000 deaths, American civil war 680 000 deaths). So, from this example we don’t really learn much from the history, in fact we are repeating history more often.As a human, we have developed so much compared to 10 000 years ago. At the early civilization, human has very low moral and ethical values. But through time, those values are built through religions and culture. They understand what is right and wrong gradually through mistakes. Although each culture and religion teaches different values, generally they are the same. But religion and culture itself develops over time through the same process. Take an example, ancient Romans sacrifices human for the Gods. At that time, since it was a religion, therefore it is correct to do it. But over time, people felt that sacrifices are too violent and they started to revolt. Since then, the religion has always been re-written.About moral choices, there had been several acquaintances in history where moral issues are made by taking … from history. In the ancient Rome, Soldiers are allowed to massacre a whole village because small villages worth nothing to Rome. Then, at the time when Spanish armadas discovered South America, they killed and destroyed tribes consciously because they think that they are a sub-species. And in World War 2, Adolf Hitler killed millions of Jew because he thinks that Jewish took jobs away jobs from the Germans (there were a lot of successful Jewish in German) and because the Jewish people killed Jesus. Therefore, massacre is “legalized”.On human science, we cannot find a certainty on how people think or behave about something. But we can shape people to what they become by tweaking the psychology. Since Adolf Hitler has been the reigning Fuhrer of Germany, he has conquered most of Europe, and that made him feel...

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Learning From The Past Essay

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