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Learn From Your Experiences Essay

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Sometimes life can be stressful. Sometimes you have to wait for a good thing to happen. Good things come to those who wait. Other times you just have to slow down and take in your surrounding. If you don't life just passes by and you cant enjoy it. You have hang on to those experiences that make you smile and the people you share them with. The moment may not last forever but the memories will. Some experiences you have impact your life whether it be for the good or bad. You learn from those experiences and that is what really counts. The experience that I learned three things from was when Brooke and I went fishing.

It all started on a nice warm summer day. Brooke and I decided to go fishing. As we are driving out to the airport pong we were so excited we could barely contain it. As we hopped down from the pickup we felt dry dirt crunch under our feet. We looked out onto the pond and saw little ripples rolling across it. I sling my tackle box over my shoulder and Brooke grasps the handle on hers. We set our sites on the sandy indent on the other side of the pond.
I search in my tackle box until I find a bobber, then I hook it to my line.
“Aren’t bobbers for little kids?” asked Brooke snidely.
“Not really” I replied, “That's what woks out here.” Brooke kind of shrugged her shoulders thinking that I was stupid and childish, but I knew that my bobber would work. I looped my worm onto my hook and slung it out into the middle of the pond. Brooke cast then reeled then cast then reeled. Suddenly my bobber went down and I knew I had landed a fish. It was a small perch, I unhooked it then threw it back into the water. This continued for about thirty minutes, I had already caught 5 fish and Brooke had caught none.
I asked her, “Would you like to try a bobber they really work.”
“I guess if you say so.” Brooke casted her rod then turned and gave me an unsure look and before she could turn around her bobber sank.
“Brooke you got reel it in hurry!” I frantically yelled at her
“Oh man! I guess your right they really do work!” Brooke said surprised. We continued for another hour catching fish one right after the other. Then we hit a slow spot and our patience was tested. We took our shoes off and played in the mud to pass the time. The soft mud squishing between our toes was relaxing as we...

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