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Virtual Communication
With the advent of the Internet, more people go into the virtual world. Chat rooms, forums and various online communities, ICQ etc. All this, without a doubt, makes communication easier and more affordable. You can also find friends you can write all kinds of stuff, and you do nothing for it will not! Well, think of it, pull up ... Come out if you do not like it and go to another chat room, for example. Some people find mates with the same interests, join the online community, sitting on various forums that discuss various issues, share experiences, etc. Of course, it's all right. Thanks to the Internet you can find almost any information, answers for many troubling questions. there is the possibility of anonymity (Silverstein, 2004: 35). Coined a nickname entered into any Internet site, put in any photo, even if it is not you. Also, a tremendous plus is that it is possible to communicate with people from different cities. Only here in the real world to communicate sometimes is difficult to obtain. Thickly not find the words. Heading into the virtual world, we cannot see the reality! We are more and more addictive. It seems that a virtual world where beautiful. Gradually, in real life, we begin to live by instinct, by inertia, because we need. After all, one must work to earn money. One cannot call to feed air or the virtual food. (Glogoff, 2001: 3)

Function and Relationship: Essence of Perception
From the perspective of general systems theory, the family is a dynamic and self-correcting and therefore, our comments should be directed both to the transactions that occur within them, as to the internal structure of the system in other words, which we will be interested to know the interaction between members, their modes of engagement and rules that govern that relationship. On the contrary, the past, knowledge of the "whys in relations" and the existence of victims and perpetrators as a result of applying the cause-effect model, does not possess any interest in this approach. This implies a change of perspective and the neglect of intrapsychic research. However, in the case of studying the behaviour of individuals, these must be interpreted in terms of the influence they have in relation to the system, and should never be interpreted individually. The individual is considered a black box will not need to come to explain their behaviour (Adler, 1974: 56).

The black box concept was taken from the field of telecommunication and electronics, which was sometimes more convenient to ignore the internal structure of teams, given their complexity and focus on the "inputs" and "outputs" of the equipment. It is also true that by looking at the device inputs and outputs, we could get an idea of what went on the inside or internal structure. (Guest, 2007: 45)

This vision changes the concept of symptom and cannot be understood as the expression of an internal conflict, but as the tip of an iceberg of family pathology. Many...

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