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Learner Journal Essay

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Learner Journal 1This week, we have learnt arguments and discussion. Before the university studies, I have done essay regarding argument e.g. 2-sided argumentative essay. But all the argumentative words I use is very narrow range and sometimes makes the essay becomes repetitive and no academic. After attending the lesson about arguments and discussion, my essay is now more planned and organized with a wider range of words. This also helped me a lot while I am writing my essay, especially for those long and comprehensive essays. Although it's a bit hard to remind myself to use different words in the beginning, it's starting to get better now and improving.Learner Journal 2This week, we have learned about cohesion and coherence. This actually helped me to link my paragraphs and sentences together so that my writing and essays can make more sense. I used to write my essays with a way that once I thought of an area then I will put into the paragraphs and sentences which turns out that the whole essay is not linking together and the ideas are not corresponding to one another but after I attend the, I found its useful and crucial for us to make our essays cohesive so that our essays link more together and become more academic and It also enhances my skill to write amore academic essay.Learner Journal 3This week, we have learned reporting verbs and the way to use them. In general, there are a lot of reporting verbs but the usage of them is different the tense to express them is also different. After learning how to use appropriate reporting verbs with the correct tense thesis statement, it makes my essays more academic. Other than reporting verb, we also have discussed academic phrases. Sometimes I have expressions that just come up from my mind, which is not academic, and I don't know how to paraphrase them. After learning some academic phrases, I I start to memorize a few of the useful phrases so as to incorporate into my essay while I am writing them so that my essay can become more academic.Learner journal 4This week, we have our first draft of our essay writing back and my work was only a to standard work. My major problem is that I misuse the idioms that I don't know idiom are...

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2194 words - 9 pages Education 20, no. 5 (September-October 2001): 393-404. Leach, L. "Autonomy, Accountability, and Adult Learning." New Zealand Journal of Adult Learning 29, no. 2 (November 2001): 25-45. Mancuso, S. "Adult Learner-centered Institutions." In 41st Annual Adult Education Research Conference Proceedings, edited by T. J. Sork et al. Vancouver: University of British Columbia, 2000. (ED 452 417)

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