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Instructional Desigen And Technology For Learning

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In this life, humans have been trying and working hard to get developed to reach the highest level of living and make life easier. This hard work of people could not have been done without learning. Through learning everything would be easier even if things need more effort. Now, technology has played an important role in making learning easier for many fields in life. In fact, most of the time humans spend is for learning. It could be said that we are created to learn. The study of instructional design built to help people learn in a more comfortable way. The professionals of instructional design and technology have been working hard in order to improve learning and performance of learning and education and in business.
The specialty of Educational technology is really a big field and broad that much effort is put to enhance not only instructors and students, but it also helps any other field that aims to enhance the performance of its learners such as factories or corporations of business. In| many fields, all members can approach and achieve their objectives by good learning of how to perform well. So, learning is the tool and the key to the success in several specialties. The field of instructional design and technology came up with many concepts and principles that help teachers and learners achieve their goals and enhance the performance of learning. Generally speaking, Professionals have been creating many different theories of learning, however, learning does not stop at one theory. With the new technology, there is a lot to learn and perform. Designers cannot easily focus on certain theories of learning as changes occur everyday in technology and learning environment. In this research, more focus is going to be on the field of instructional designing in terms of ABCD model. People’s skills of giving instructions and designing are important in every field but I will concentrate on variables ABCD.
Generally, the importance of instructional designs needs training in order to set goals and enhance the outcomes of learning. Variables ABCD introduce the importance of meaningful learning experiences and the role of instructional design in the creation of rich learning environments. Whenever there is a quality in learning and acquisition, there are good designers who follow certain models from the field of instructional designers. So, quality is a key point for learning to have good outputs that might increase the performance of humans.
The ABCD model is an important model for the field of instructional design. This model has been created to facilitate learning for learners and designers as well and to help them think creatively. In terms of learning, the ABCD model is a tool that can also help the learners to engage in problem solving and think critically. In that model, there will be chances for learners to enhance different types of instructions. Those instructions will need to think in a creative way to solve problems and acquire a lot...

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