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Planning– -Primary teachers need to create engaging lessons which will hold students’ interest and keep them connected to the learning target. This being said, there should always be an end goal in mind prior to designing a lesson (Backwards Design). Teachers should make sure they know the intended targets and expectations they want students to comprehend.

Teachers must also determine student needs prior to planning a lesson, so that differentiated instruction can be given to those who need it – this isn’t always just for lower level learners – it is just as important to address those who might need extra work or more difficult assessment to stretch their capabilities.

Teaching– It is the responsibility of the teacher to make sure that children are ACTIVELY involved in their learning. This emphasizes the necessity to teach in many different ways so that all learners are reached. I noticed at the bottom of the website we visited during this module to watch the “Precision Teaching in the Primary Clsssroom” webcast, there was a simple, straightforward quote: “Reach every student”. These 3 words are one of the most important responsibilities of a teacher, no matter what division or age group.

Being ready to adjust when needed to meet all students’ needs is another characteristic a primary teacher is responsible for. It seems that there is never a “perfect” lesson plan, and they are rarely executed exactly as planned, but teachers need to realize that this is okay. I remember during my practicum placements being stressed because I hadn’t covered everything that I planned to cover during that lesson, or being upset if I did not get the reaction I was looking for from the students after learning. Every teacher has to improvise and expect the unexpected, as these are the moments where the real learning is found.

Curriculum–In terms of curriculum and content of a teacher`s lessons, he/she must be knowledgeable of the Ontario school curriculum and follow it to ensure adequate learning. When teaching the curriculum, teachers must provide multiple ways for students to comprehend and apply their new learning, so that every type of learner can succeed. This includes making available the appropriate resources and technology in the classroom to aid in students grasping and being interested in the curriculum.

Another responsibility would be to make the curriculum entertaining and involved for students. This could mean blending subjects and lessons through cross curricular learning. Math and Art are two subjects that I try to introduce together as much as I can in primary grades, as it shows the “fun” side of math.

Assessment– Assessment should not just be post-lesson learning, it should be ONGOING, from before they have learned, during, and afterwards. The teacher feautured in the webcast for this module made it evident that properly displaying success criteria is vital to make sure students are aware of how they will be assessed.

Receiving, giving, and...

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