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Learning And Teaching In The 21st Century

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This age is dedicated to more of learning age. It is said that even the teachers are the learner. This is the age of knowledge gradually shifted towards the age of communication. Thought and ideas are playing a crucial role in the present 21st century. The period when the denial and ignorance was the answer to the learner’s inquisitiveness has no solution. The answer to these questions is the technology which has solved problem to very much extend. People call such kind of change where teachers are supported with the technological tools to prove their worth. It does not say that previous centuries teachers were not efficient or they do not have that kind of knowledge. In the present time, the knowledge has got the support of the technology to explore. The learners are satisfying their requirements to the larger extend. The technological tool such as internet has shown great difference. The use of videos and photographs, 3D picture support, animations and documentaries and use of computers especially has changed the whole scenario. The most advanced version we have seen are the mobiles and the various applications which are loaded in mobile has taken the world in strong fist. The laptops are converting into the interactive machines which are loaded with n number of facilitation.
Previously, it was just the blackboard boring classroom environment where the students have nothing interesting except listening to the lectures of the teachers. Now a days, they have lot many things to do as the classroom activity. There is no constrain of space or place, these learning process can be adopted anywhere and anytime. The classrooms are converting into the chat-rooms where the student can remain in touch with teachers always and anywhere. This has brought the learner and student to the proximity. It has bridge the gap of learning and teaching. The black color of blackboard is turned into white board and interactive board has so many options. Schools and classroom plays a very vital role in teaching and learning.
This is the need of present hour that we as teachers should go for redesigning our teaching strategies and facilitate our learners in as best manner as possible. This kind of transformation in the countries like India has to think many a tons times. We are still struggling with as our education standard does not match with the global standards. It was the assumption of our experts with the internal quality assurance we will be able to gain everything. It included infrastructure and faculty’s higher grades and degrees etc. As a torch bearer, it becomes the equal responsibility of the learners to make the best use of the knowledge imparted to them. It is not just technology but we need to restructure the whole process once again to take utmost benefit from such situation. It is said in Indian context that we are facing lot number of problems in education sector because of unemployment and weak motivation among the students to go for higher...

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