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Learning At Its Deepest Essay

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Going to school everyday, gathering facts on the internet, sitting in a classroom listening; these are all things that we call learning. But what is learning? Is learning the memorization of facts? Is it listening to a teacher lecture for an hour during class? Or is a process of digging through the facts and finding the information a person is seeking or the underlying truth? Many elementary school and high school students would argue that the first two examples of learning is all a person needs in life but as they grow and further their education they discover differently. When a person attends college the faculty expects you to be able to think critically and come to your own opinion about things. College professors desire you to question and to find the answers for yourself, bringing new life to a conversation that they have had again and again. Learning to them requires you to dig deep and find the deeper learning. But learning at its deepest is not as simple as it sounds. As McCullough (2008, p. 2) quoted Abigail Adams; “Learning is not attained by chance. It must be sought with ardor and attended with diligence.” Learning is the same as two hundred years ago with Abigail Adams, a person still must dig for facts and question the answers you are given; as Will Durant was quoted by Harold J. Morowitz (2009, p. 3) in his article Drinking Hemlock and Other Nutritional Matters about the Socratic method “prying into the human soul, uncovering assumptions and questioning certainties… ” is how a person can truly learn deeply. Some may ask how one might accomplish a feat such as this? Learning at its deepest level may be achieved by pursuing higher education, using new technology effectively, and truly reading great books.
Furthering a person's education not only enables them to be more productive in society but also allows them to learn how to learn deeply. Elder Bednar (2008, p. 3) says in his talk Learning to Love Learning that “students […] [start] to put in place a foundation of learning upon which they can forever build.” A college education is only the beginning to a lifelong journey of learning. Lifelong learning can take place anywhere in one's life at home, in school, with a friend, as a parent, in the work place, or even at the park. People should always be actively seeking for learning opportunities that allow them to grow as an individual and to grasp a greater meaning to what is going on around them. Through this seeking of higher learning a person comes to drink deeper from cup of knowledge and allow a person to have a “scuba diver's” learning experience (Carr, 2008, P. 2).
McCullough (2008) tells a story of Charles Sumner, a young man who after attending law school was suddenly propelled to travel to France to further his education. “Everything was of interest to him […] [t]rying to express what he felt […] he wrote, “They touched my mind, untutored as it is, like a rich strain of music." Charles Sumner knew the joy and...

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