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Learning Communities This Essay Will Help To Persuade High School Teachers And Administrators Towards Building These Communities In Their Schools

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This topic was especially interesting to me, because I am currently doing volunteer hours at a high school, which is looking to go to small learning communities next year. After talking with some of the faculty I have found that most administrators are very positive about the idea, while teachers are a little more hesitant. The focus at these high school is to allow for students to work together in collaborative teams, to seek strategies for student improvement, and monitor student progress.To help large districts and schools personalize the high school experience, the U.S. Congress has appropriated funding for the Smaller Learning Communities (SLC) program, which will create and support ...view middle of the document...

Everything would change if this was established including teaching and the development of educators. The objective of the learning community is to take to put a focus on student learning rather than the teacher telling the content. This should lead to students taking responsibility for their own learning, the learning is then geared towards the student's interests and needs, and then students are actively engaged in learning and in a variety of groups and context so that learning is understood and applied.The learning community of the high school I am volunteering at will include the programs of Environmental Technology/ Marine Science, Cultural Studies, Athletic Studies, and Business Arts and Technology. The Environmental Technologies program will provide experience in field based research and special training in the fields of ecology, marine biology, and water resources and conservation. Some of the fields that students can enter include marine biology, environmental engineering, meteorology, and forestry ecology. Cultural studies is to focus on the a...

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